C/C++ Application Performance Monitoring

Ensure end-to-end performance of complex distributed C/C++ applications

Monitor C/C++ application performance — focused on business transactions  — end-to-end in the most complex and distributed environments to deliver exceptional user experience by proactively identifying and resolving performance issues.

Monitor end-to-end business transaction performance, with Transaction Tag and Follow

  • Instrument the C/C++ application with the SDK to discover application topology and interdependencies including external web services, and trace key business transactions based on production application behavior

  • Visualize and prioritize the business transactions performance and not just the health of the application and infrastructure nodes

Correlate with distributed applications with the industry’s broadest coverage of languages and technologies

  • Correlate your C/C++ applications with applications developed in popular programming languages and frameworks including Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python

  • Monitor the calls to back-end systems, for example, databases, message queues, web services

  • Leverage platform extensibility for wider application monitoring coverage

Monitor C/C++ production application at code-level depth with minimal overhead

  • Monitor every transaction but intelligently create troubleshooting snapshots for anomalous transactions only, making the platform scale to meet the demands of large enterprises

  • Instrument the code to add additional details and troubleshooting data in the transaction snapshot

Minimize false alarms with automated baselining and alerting

  • Know your performance in the context of auto-generated dynamic baselines

  • Integrated with incidents and alerting systems ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira

Resolve C/C++ application issues quickly for exceptional end-user experience

  • Avoid tedious manual steps with Runbook Automation by automatically resolving performance issues as they are developing

  • Leverage the DevOps Virtual War Room capability to enable everyone to collaborate and troubleshoot while sharing the same performance data

Flexible deployment options

Saas, on-premises or hybrid deployment options

When to use C/C++ Application Monitoring SDK?

The C/C++ Application Monitoring SDK gives you the flexibility to add monitoring capabilities directly to your application code. Use the C/C++ Agent SDK under the following conditions:

  • You want to use an industry-standard compile and deploy monitoring solution.

  • You have access to your application source code.

  • You are willing to modify the source to include the C/C++ Agent SDK and recompile.

"It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour."

Eric Poon, Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq

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