Big Data, Big Problems

NoSQL can be great for scaling your application, but it can easily become a Big Problem – especially if you can't monitor the performance of the technology that manages your data. AppDynamics provides comprehensive support for leading NoSQL technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility into NoSQL environments

  • Fast troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot issues in minutes

  • Monitoring of Cassandra, ehCache, memcached

Visualize the NoSQL Relationships within Your Application

Auto-discover and map how your business transactions use NoSQL tiers to achieve scalability. See the end-to-end performance including NoSQL response time.

Monitor and Troubleshoot NoSQL Latency

Understand the response time contribution of NoSQL tiers on your end user's business transaction—allowing you to isolate and pinpoint any bottlenecks caused by NoSQL tiers and queries.

Visibility of NoSQL Query Latency

With Relational databases, you always want to see what SQL was invoked by business transactions. AppDynamics provides the same visibility for NoSQL tiers so you can understand which NoSQL queries are slow and impacting business transactions.

OS & JMX Metric Trending for NoSQL Tiers

Trend and report NoSQL tier metrics over time so you can understand CPU, Memory, and Disk I/O utilization as well as visibility into the tasks and events occurring within each data store or cluster.

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