IBM WebSphere Monitoring

Monitor key WebSphere Application Server metrics in minutes

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a software framework and middleware that hosts Java based web applications. The flagship product within IBM's WebSphere software suite, WAS provides a standards-compliant Java EE7 platform for both workhorse Java applications and modern microservices architectures. It delivers stable, cloud and mobile-first capabilities that port seamless across all topologies. Matching IBM’s code-to-cloud power, speed, and flexibility, AppDynamics manages modern, lightweight containerized and hybrid environments as well as the world’s most complex traditional application ecosystems.

From DevOps workflow integration to cloud, container and microservice monitoring, AppDynamics automatically discovers, baselines and monitors WebSphere applications in the context of your overall environment and business goals. It installs fast, starts monitoring immediately, and has the most scalable architecture in the industry. Only AppDynamics handles the end-to-end use case options of WebSphere Application Server offerings, making it the only real choice for unified application performance management.

Business-Centric Management

  • Track individual business transactions end-to-end to understand usage patterns and identify bottlenecks

  • Quickly pinpoint the root causes of WAS application problems and map them to business KPIs

  • Drive IT business value by prioritizing business-critical performance issues

Cloud Migration Planning

  • Map application flows and baseline current consumption prior to moving WAS workloads to the cloud

  • Know whether or not apps are cloud ready and adjust design to avoid poor post-move performance

  • Save time, effort and cost by optimizing both applications and cloud provisioning before launch

Modern Microservices Monitoring

  • Monitor virtual and containerized WAS applications in real time—even across multi-cloud environments

  • Detect and automatically fix app and microservice performance issues before they impact users

  • Dramatically reduce time and effort required for continual microservice optimization

Hybrid Domain Monitoring

  • Dynamically baseline WAS applications and pinpoint issues anywhere they reside—on-prem, in the cloud or any hybrid topology

  • Optimize your entire application ecosystem across complex environments in real time

  • Save time and reduce the complexity of hybrid architectures with unified monitoring and management

Memory and JVM Visibility

  • Get real-time, detailed views of memory use, heap and garbage collection, and all JVM environment properties

  • Quickly pinpoint memory and garbage collection issues to speed cloud performance and eliminate CPU overload

  • More easily maintain stable, high-performing WAS applications, especially in the cloud

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