Make Your Business Agile

For business to become agile, both dev and ops must work together to manage change and its impact across the application lifecycle. AppDynamics provides visibility into change as it occurs, enabling those teams to help ensure application performance and availability.

Key Benefits

  • Support for agile releases
  • Enables operations to be as agile as their dev colleagues
  • Allows dev & ops to view the same data

Automatically Detect & Monitor New Releases

AppDynamics detects every agile release and adjusts its instrumentation accordingly—with no manual configuration or code changes.

Correlate Change Events with Business Impact

AppDynamics allows you to correlate change events with application performance and user experience—enabling you to understand whether the resulting business impact was positive or negative.

Validate Application and Business Transaction Flows

When change happens, you need to verify that all tiers of your application are operational and servicing your end users' business transactions as expected.

Help Dev Understand Business Impact of Code Changes in Production

AppDynamics enables you to compare and analyze the response time of business transactions before and after a new deployment. Give your dev team a comprehensive view of which code changes are responsible for business impact.

Get Before and After Snapshots for your Agile Releases

In AppDynamics' agile release analysis tool you can see snapshots of your application before and after a major code change, allowing you to asses the impact the new code had on application performance.

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