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Drive your success with our courses and tutorial options. AppDynamics University gives you the knowledge, instruction and guidance you need to become an AppDynamics champion in your organization.

AppDynamics Certifications

AppDynamics Implementer qualifications are designed for individuals who plan, configure and deploy AppDynamics technologies on-premises.

For: Architects, Consultants, Systems Engineers and Administrators

AppDynamics Administrator qualifications are being designed for individuals who manage AppDynamics technologies and monitor systems, applications and business process performance.

For: Architects, Consultants, Systems Engineers and Administrators

AppDynamics Performance Analyst qualifications are being designed for individuals who use AppDynamics technologies to monitor systems, applications and business process performance.

For: Architects, Consultants, Operators, and Power Users

AppDynamics Developer qualifications will be designed for software engineers and related roles who use AppDynamics technologies to optimize the performance of applications and business processes.

For: Developers, Software Engineers, Architects, Consultants, QA & DevOps, Scrum Masters, and Power Users

Tracks @ AppD

The most efficient approach to learning application performance management, the Tracks are targeted towards Power Users, Developers, & Operators from Java to .NET and beyond. The tracks will help unpack the full extent of the AppDynamics platform and get your team ready to exploit the power of application intelligence.

Instructor-Led Courses

With multiple role-based options available, we provide Instructor-Led Courses and support that delivers coaching and mentoring from our AppDynamics Expert Instructors. AppDynamics University also has a catalog of interactive Self-Paced courses to enable ongoing learning.

At AppDynamics University, our goal is simple: surface the tools and knowledge you most need to make the most of the AppDynamics platform, so you can optimize your app performance and user experience. We're with you at every step: planning, installation, configuration, day-to-day usage, even customizing. Wherever you are in your path to AppDynamics master, AppDynamics University stands ready to help you optimize and excel. 

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Course Subscription

The course subscription catalog includes one-to-nine-hour courses from introductory material to more advanced options. Some courses include lab simulations for practical application.

What's New In AppDynamics 4.3?
Power Users Self-Paced Course
End-User Monitoring Self-Paced Course
Administrators Self-Paced Course
Analytics Self-Paced Course
DevOps Self-Paced Course
Database Monitoring Self-Paced Course

Troubleshooting Workflow Self-Paced Course
Monitoring Effectively Self-Paced Course
Instrumenting Critical Metrics Self-Paced Course
Configure Your Monitoring Settings Self-Paced Course
What is SSL Video 
Switching from CA to AppDynamics Video
Switching from Dynatrace to AppDynamics Video

Accelerator Tutorial

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Our Accelerator Tutorial gets you up and running fast. Master the four most common tasks: controller installation; application monitoring; troubleshooting; and configuration. Discover tips and techniques while learning at your own pace.

Check Out The Video Tutorials

Tutorials are free online, and available 24/7. If you'e only got a minute, these one-to-five-minute videos each present a detailed how-to on one specific topic. These offer a great way to get a refresher or explore a new feature whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Courseware Resources

AppDynamics Instructors

Our instructors bring decades of tech and training experience to every session. From .NET questions to Java architecting, they have seen it all and can break it down for your team. Power up your approach to DevOps with our instructors.