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Programs Overview

The AppDynamics Enablement Partner (AEP) and the AppDynamics Enablement Subcontractor (AES) accreditation programs validate the knowledge,skills and experience required for the implementation and delivery of AppDynamics technologies. AEP and AES are accreditations awarded to individuals, not organizations. These individual accreditations are awarded to professionals who work for AppDynamics partner companies. The AEP and AES accreditation programs are open to all partners globally.

AppDynamics Enablement Partner(AEP) Accreditation

The AEP accreditation is designed for partners who deliver AppDynamics solutions to their customers. This accreditation substantiate that those partners have demonstrated through rigorous testing the minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required to implement and deploy AppDynamics solutions.

The selection of partners to become delivery accredited is critical. Potential candidates for the AEP accreditation must:

  • Be skilled consultants
  • Have industry experience and have APM experience
  • Be technically proficient with AppDynamics
  • Work for an AppDynamics partner company
  • Work for a partner company that has a fully executed AEP addendum or an AEP/subcontractor agreement
  • Successfully pass the online exam

In addition to the above mentioned requirements, it is strongly recommended that candidates for the AEP accreditation:

AppDynamics Enablement Subcontractor(AES) Accreditation

The AES accreditation qualifies partners to perform works on behalf of AppDynamics for customers doing business directly with AppDynamics. Partners accredited as subcontractors perform similar duties as members of AppDynamics internal Consulting team.

Selection of individuals to become delivery accredited is critical. Potential candidates must:

  • Be skilled consultants and/or instructors
  • Be technically proficient with AppDynamics
  • Successfully pass the online exam with a score of 70% or higher
  • Work for a partner company that has a fully executed subcontractor agreement
  • Participate in an unpaid shadowing engagement onsite with an AppDynamics Consultant

    In addition to the requirements mentioned above, partners pursuing the AES accreditation for the purposes of providing Consulting Services as a subcontractor to AppDynamics customers must obtain approval from the Services Global VP. Those pursuing the AES accreditation for the purposes of providing Education Services must obtain approval from the Head of Global Education.

    Partners who attain the AES accreditation are qualified to the same standard as internal consultants and instructors. They are also assigned the same projects and classes in the same way as internal consultants and instructors.


    AppDynamics Accreditation Process And Recommended Prerequisites

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    Icon Webinar
    Lab Work
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    Accreditation Exam
    Icon Application Infrastructure

    In order to attain AEP or AES accreditation, individuals seeking accreditation must pass an online exam. While it is not required, it is highly recommended that candidates for the AEP and/or AES accreditation attend the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Bootcamp Course in preparation for the online exam. The course is delivered by senior instructors who are employees of AppDynamics and positions candidates to acquire the requisite knowledge, skills and hands-on experience necessary to earn the AEP or AES accreditation. This Bootcamp Course provides candidates with an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with the core topic areas required for AppDynamics services delivery. Instructors of the Bootcamp Course have extensive knowledge of the AppDynamics platform and are seasoned experts with a deep understanding of developing solutions and technical talent.

    The Application Intelligence Bootcamp Course is offered in instructor-led training (ILT) format as a public class or a private class. The Bootcamp Course consists of lectures, hands-on demonstrations, hands-on exercises in lab environments and group discussions.

    While the Bootcamp Course is designed to make a novice IT professional an expert in AppDynamics technologies, individuals with the following knowledge and skills are in the best position to take full advantage of the course and exam:

    • Basic Java or .NET programming knowledge
    • Experience with configuring XML
    • Knowledge of web application design, web services and common service frameworks
    • General knowledge of REST
    • Experience investigating, troubleshooting and repairing software-related issues

    What You Will Learn

    Upon successful completion of the Bootcamp Course, attendees should be able to:

    • Explain the architecture of an AppDynamics implementation
    • Install and configure AppDynamics Agents
    • Manage and implement on-premises Controller configuration
    • Understand and perform Controller configuration management
    • Explore, test and configure complex Business Transaction detection rules
    • Troubleshoot Business Transactions
    • Extend your monitoring capability by using custom entry points, exit points, information points, data collectors, JMX, extensions and custom transaction thresholds
    • Proactively address potential issues by setting up custom dashboards, health rules, actions, policies, and runbook automation
    • Conduct more complex troubleshooting sessions
    • Undertake Analytics (Transaction and Log) configuration
    • Explain extra AppDynamics monitoring features, including DB Monitoring, End User Monitoring, Server Monitoring

    Benefits Of The AEP & AES Accreditation

    • Listed as an authorized partner who is ready to implement AppDynamics solutions
    • Demonstration of technical expertise and recognition of such expertise by AppDynamics
    • Demonstration of commitment to learning and maintaining current skills
    • Demonstration of a close working relationship with AppDynamics
    • Establishment of credibility that can lead to business opportunities and/or career opportunities