Application Analytics Training

Big data, simplified.

Capture Data
Capture Data

Real-time data streams and full logs

Fast Analytics
Fast Analytics

Pre-built widgets and custom dashboards

App Optimization
App Optimization

Link conversion and app performance

Training Overview

Enhance IT / operations efforts with log analytics of all your machine data. Combine multiple sources, no matter how complex your distributed environment may be, with minimal overhead. Transactions and logs are auto-correlated to surface the most important items first, starting with failed business transactions. Our application analytics trainings show you how you're one click away from deep insights into any infrastructure issues that may be compromising app performance or user experience.

Set up the metrics alerts that work for you. Go deep into the logs that need it, and customize your dashboards to show you at a glance which ones those may be. Find the errors fast to simplify and automate as much troubleshooting as possible. You're getting every business transaction with minimal overhead, meaning your entire team is on the cusp of unprecedented visibility, and the best-informed operational decisions you can make.

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Application Analytics Training Details

You can add insights into your infrastructure to real-time information about users to shape the business outcomes you want and need.  Application analytics trainings are the key.

Learn how to use the AppDynamics platform's out-of-the-box widgets to tame huge quantities of data, including every business transaction you have. Customize the dashboard so that it works well for everyone, from technical personnel who need to optimize IT infrastructure to engineers who need code-level visibility and all the way up to the highest levels of management.

Application analytics trainings are for any organization that needs deep analysis of applications. Get important, actionable data from the entire application environment, regardless of its complexity. Business owners can drive user engagement and conversion to increase revenue while IT / operations teams optimize performance and strive for efficiency. Find who you most valuable customers are, and what the best opportunities are, from customer journey optimization to infrastructure reallocation.

Application Analytics Training Scale

From individual lines of code to a trillion events a day, the AppDynamics platform is the industry's most scalable. But that scope doesn't come with added complexity: pre-built widgets and customized dashboards deliver transparent, lightning-fast reports that surface just the information you need, when you need it.

If you need to deploy even deeper scrutiny, our SQL-based query language lets your team mine the data with unparalleled speed. Blend real-time reporting and trend tracking for the best visibility and performance.

From the most penetrating analysis available to the widest view around, incorporating conversion insights and other user behaviors with app performance and your overall business goals, the application analytics trainings now available have the ability to unlock new areas of improvement and success for your enterprise.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic correlation
  • Browser data
  • Dashboards
  • Logs
  • Mobile data
  • Pre-built widgets
  • Rich search abilities
  • Transactions
  • User behavior