BiQ Accelerator

Introduce yourself to Business iQ! These self-paced tutorials explain the Business iQ central concepts and capabilities and they demonstrate the features and configuration tasks that enable Business iQ to provide comprehensive business impact analysis.

What is Business iQ

An introduction to Business iQ in which you’ll learn about the role of Business iQ within the AppDynamics platform. Explains the steps for using Business iQ as well as the role of analytics data collection, data searches, metrics, and visualizations.


Business iQ Data Configuration

Explains how analysis data configuration in Business iQ serves as the basis for effective business impact analysis. Learn about the data configuration options and observe demonstrations of data configuration examples.


Business iQ Metrics and Visualizations

Learn how analytics metrics and analytics visualizations are developed and deployed to monitor your business and provide insights into business impacts. Explains the relationship between analytics searches, metrics and visualizations.


Business iQ Monitoring

An overview of Business iQ monitoring capabilities, with a focus on Business iQ specialized monitoring features: Funnel Widget, Business Outcomes, and Experience Level Management.


Be sure to return to this page periodically to find additional tutorials about Business iQ features, use cases, configuration and techniques.