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Browser Real User Monitoring
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Start Monitoring with Browser RUM
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Instrumenting Web EUEM
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Learn to Get Data from Synthetic and Real Users

Your team can understand and improve your web app's performance, but only if you have actual insight into how it's performing. That's where enterprise-level browser real user monitoring tutorials come in: you'll get full-featured access to user data, behavior, and experience, and our tutorials will teach you how quickly and easily.

Master our platform's browser snapshots, and learn how to organize and operationalize data on individual requests. Learn how to find trouble spots and tune your metrics so you identify poorly performing pages faster than your competitors.

Our tutorials will break down use cases for both synthetic and real user browser monitoring. Learn how to instrument your application to work with our enterprise-level platform and how to manage the ways your reporting works. Our tutorials will train you in customizing the AppDynamics deployment to your enterprise's particular needs.

Browser real user monitoring tutorials train you to:

  • Track user sessions
  • Monitor sessions by location
  • Identify application issues
  • See long response times
  • Find all dependencies from browser to back-end
  • Select your metrics

Find and Fix Bottlenecks with Browser Real User Monitoring Video Tutorials

Browser real user monitoring tutorials will allow your enterprise to harness the AppDynamics platform to identify poorly performing code right down to individual lines. These tutorials protect your investment in AppDynamics and give your organization a significant competitive edge. Optimize your enterprise's web app performance by optimizing your own team's ability to leverage the information and insights available from AppDynamics. These tutorials will significantly reduce your mean time to response by substantially improving the skill sets of the team members who take them.

You probably already know you want to know who your users are, where they are, and what browser types and versions they're using on what devices: browser real user monitoring tutorials will show you how to get this data and what to do with it once you have it.

Access End-to-End Visibility

With just a few browser real user monitoring tutorials, you'll learn how to get actionable information from back-end to browser and all points in between. You'll get fully up to speed on dynamic baselining, which allows you to avoid false reports and wasted time. Focus on the business transactions that you most care about and that most impact your business: these tutorials will train you on the depth and breadth of the enterprise-class AppDynamics platform.

Want access to more learning?

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