Code Instrumentation & Visibility Course


Add detailed data to your transaction snapshots, add information points and use developer mode to get deep into your application monitoring by customizing the way you view and deliver data.
Training Unit

It’s important to understand how to utilize AppDynamics to monitor any change in application state that is of potential interest and log it as an event. We show you how to take care of those potential performance issues in a proactive manner and set up custom dashboards that present all that data to the relevant user.

— Ray Baco, AppDynamics Instructor

Available Course Dates

December 5
9AM - 12:30PM
Pacific Standard Time
January 9
9AM - 12:30PM
Greenwich Mean Time
January 12
9AM - 12:30PM
Greenwich Mean Time
January 16
9AM - 12:30PM
Pacific Standard Time

What you will learn in the Code Instrumentation & Visibility Course

This half-day Code Instrumentation and Visibility Course will teach you what happens when Development Mode is turned on, why and when you should use it and how to view business transaction snapshots to isolate and troubleshoot errors before they affect the production system. Using Method Invocation Data Collectors and HTTP Request Data Collectors, the labs will guide you to add detailed data to transaction snapshots, all while using JMX metrics and MBeans attributes to monitor your Java Application.


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APM201 - Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Fundamentals Course

APM202 - Detecting & Managing Transactions Course

Who is this course for?

The Code Instrumentation and Visibility Course is designed for individuals who will deploy and configure AppDynamics across enterprise-wide applications. Typically, they are responsible for applications and monitoring, or members of the Center of Excellence leveraging customized configurations to monitor and respond strategically for those who need to balance their deep dives with the big picture.

Code Instrumentation & Visibility Video

Code Instrumentation & Visibility Course Agenda

Topic 1
Development Mode

Topic 2
Creating a Baseline

Topic 3
JMX Visibility

Topic 4
Monitor Windows Performance Counters

Topic 5
Configure Data

Topic 6
Application Architecture - Roles and Security

AppDynamics courses are Instructor led either onsite or virtually and include student lab practice following each instructor demo. The lab exercises link theory to practice and make sure you leave the training with the ability to use AppDynamics to the fullest.