Database Monitoring Course


Learn everything from installation to creating health rules and building custom dashboards using database metrics that allow users to monitor and troubleshoot database issues from a single page.
Training Unit

If you need the ability to drill down into backend issues for end-to-end visibility of business transactions, this course is covers that and more!

— Bradley King, AppDynamics Certified Instructor

Available Course Dates

January 18
1:30PM - 5PM
Greenwich Mean Time

What You Will Learn In The Database Monitoring Course

This half-day Database Monitoring Course is designed for users who want to learn how to expand AppDynamics to include database monitoring, and gain visibility into SQL & Stored Procedures, execution plans, wait states, resource consumption, database objects, schema statistics, and more. Students learn how to install and configure Database Monitoring, as well as how to proactively tune and fix database issues before they affect end users.

Using real system scenarios, students learn how to use Database Monitoring to debug slow queries, create database health rules using database metrics, and create custom database dashboards to easily monitor a combination of individual business transaction metrics, database metrics, and hardware metrics at a glance.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for users or teams who already have some understanding of AppDynamics. It is recommended for students to complete one of the following Learning Tracks: Power User Learning Track, Developer Learning Track, or Operator Learning Track.

Students must have a solid understanding of controller navigation, data collectors, health rules, policies, and actions. Students should also have a familiarity of how databases and SQL statements work. A series of hands-on exercises ensure students leave the course knowing how to access and leverage the database metrics needed to keep the application running efficiently.

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Database Monitoring Course Agenda

Topic 1
Overview of Database Monitoring

Topic 2
Architecture and Implementation

Topic 3
APM Integration

Topic 4
Performance Monitoring

Topic 5
Health Rules and Custom Dashboards

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