End User Monitoring Training

Learn how to monitor and optimize browser and mobile apps to understand and optimize user experience.


Know who your users are


Know where they're located

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See how they're accessing your app

Training Overview

Need to understand exactly what kind of user experience your apps are offering users in production? Then you need to measure what matters. The trainings we offer in end user monitoring allow you to get on top of your users and their experiences. Our trainings empower you to optimize end-user experience of your application, whether it's browser-based or native mobile.

End user monitoring training will enable your team to monitor and baseline performance so you only get alerts on issues that really impact users. Optimize your mean time to response with the industry's deepest analytics, and use real-time insights to troubleshoot from browser to back-end. You're a simple training session away from ensuring that your performance in production is exactly where you want it to be.

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End User Monitoring Capacities

Take advantage of our training options if your business depends on understanding where your users are and how they're using your app, whether they're using a browser or a mobile device, and what their user experience is like. Deep metrics allow potent insights into your production environment, and quickly show you what locations have the longest load or response times, what areas are experiencing the most errors, and more. This rapid reporting allows you to trace performance issues to their root causes and resolve them quickly.

With AppDynamics and end user monitoring trainings, you'll be able to identify performance issues and track them back to specific code segments. This allows you to drive optimization and manage to your KPIs. Easily compare real user and synthetic performance in a single dashboard for better benchmarking and faster troubleshooting.

What You’ll Learn About End User Monitoring

Get seriously granular: let our end user monitoring trainings unlock rich dashboards that offer at-a-glance information. Learn how to switch quickly between one view that highlights location, summary data, and trend graphs and another tab that puts devices, browsers, and browser versions in the spotlight. Also vital is the user response breakdown, enabling instant troubleshooting. Detailed browser snapshots give you end-to-end visibility, from the browser to the database. With a complete picture of every stage in a page render, you'll know exactly why a user is experiencing unacceptable response times; and our training will surface the precise mechanisms through which you can accomplish all of this.

Let our trainings put improved engagement and conversion at your fingertips. Get the data you need about your enterprise's unique business transactions, and find all the pain points in your user journey, from performance impacts to the finer points of usage. Take a look at what you know now: can you afford not to know more?