APM Essentials Course


This half-day AppDynamics Essentials Course covers all the topics you will need to get off the ground. You will be able to Identify the fundamental components of the AppDynamics Architecture and explain how Transaction Snapshots work, how metrics are captured and used, and what Business Transaction detection can do for your business.
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It’s important to understand the basics. This course guides you through the AppDynamics deployment of a Controller and its UI, app agents, and machine agents — all necessary for business applications scalability and performance management.

— Ray Baco, AppDynamics Instructor

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What you will learn in the AppDynamics Essentials Course

In this course, you will learn the essential components of the AppDynamics architecture such as how Transaction Snapshots work, and identify the different types of Transaction Snapshots found in AppDynamics. See how metrics are captured in AppDynamics and utilize baselines to identify Business Transaction health, and spot outliers. You will have a fundamental grasp on how transaction detection works in AppDynamics, and how you can use naming conventions and other Business Transaction actions to optimize your Business Transaction set.



Learn to monitor and respond strategically

The AppDynamics Essentials Course is designed for operators, first and second level support and end users who need to successfully monitor enterprise applications. While this course does not include most AppDynamics configuration scenarios, it will teach you when it is desirable to request certain types of configuration changes to improve visibility and how to use the resulting features for monitoring once they are implemented.

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Essentials Course Agenda

Topic 1
AppDynamics Overview

Topic 2
Explore Application-Tier-Node

Topic 3
Explore Business Transactions

Topic 4
Explore Transaction Snapshots

Topic 5
Architecture Overview, Metrics & Baselines

Topic 6
Explore Transaction and Backend Detection

AppDynamics courses are instructor led either onsite or virtually and include student lab practice following each instructor demo. The lab exercises link theory to practice and make sure you leave the training with the ability to use AppDynamics to the fullest.