Mobile and IoT Application Monitoring


AppDynamics End User Monitoring (EUM) provides end-to-end visibility on the performance of your websites, mobile applications and IoT device applications. This half-day course covers the Mobile Real User Monitoring (MRUM) and IoT application monitoring components of EUM. Learn the major capabilities from monitoring overall performance and usage statistics to tracking the performance of individual request types and identifying emerging issues. Investigate mobile crash trends as well as individual crashes with detailed snapshot information, including a stack trace. This course includes lab exercises that allow you to use MRUM and IoT application monitoring to experience analyzing and troubleshooting real-world use cases on a live system.
Training Unit

Available Course Dates

May 15
11AM - 2:30PM
Pacific Daylight Time
June 12
11:30AM - 3PM
Pacific Daylight Time

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What You Will Learn In Mobile and IoT Application Monitoring

You will learn how to connect mobile application performance to your real users’ behavior or experience and troubleshoot both network issues as well as server issues. You can link directly to correlated APM snapshots, allowing for true end-to-end analysis. You will learn how to build IoT dashboard widgets to gather the appropriate data for your performance monitoring goals and troubleshoot issues.

Explanations of topics are followed by demos and hands-on labs. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the uses and benefits of mobile real user monitoring
  • Configure network request naming rules and define thresholds for slow requests
  • Gather information about your mobile users such as where they are located in the world and which devices and technologies are most prevalent
  • Troubleshoot slow network request types
  • Troubleshoot crashes and slow performance using crash and session data
  • Create IoT dashboard widgets for business performance monitoring goals
  • Use IoT dashboard data to troubleshoot kiosks reporting zero revenue


APM200 - APM Essentials

Who is this course for?

This half-day course is for users who want valuable insight into their customers’ journeys through their mobile apps as well as IoT application connectivity and performance. These users can include application owners or belong to development, operations, devops, test/QA or application monitoring teams.

Mobile and IoT Application Monitoring Topics

Topic 1
Introduction to End User Monitoring (EUM)

Topic 2
Mobile Real User Monitoring (MRUM) Overview

Topic 3
MRUM Performance Overview

Topic 4
Mobile Network Requests

Topic 5
Mobile Sessions

Topic 6
Mobile Crashes

Topic 7
Custom Data and Smart Alerts

Topic 8
IoT Application Monitoring

AppDynamics courses are instructor led either onsite or virtually and include student lab practice following each instructor demo. The lab exercises link theory to practice and make sure you leave the training with the ability to use AppDynamics to the fullest.

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