Implementer Track

Version 4.3

After learning to deploy and configure AppDynamics across enterprise-wide applications, as well as to customize for strategic monitoring, you will learn to implement and upgrade AppDynamics on-premises, and take a deep dive into configuration and troubleshooting scenarios.

The main benefit of this course is the intensive hands-on training, individual feedback and the discussions with the trainer and the other participants of the course. The structure of the course is also very helpful as it depicts a real world scenario...

— AppDynamics Instructor

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January 25
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January 22 - 26
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What you will learn in the Implementer Track

The Implementer Track consists of a prerequisite Power User Track and a Workshop. In the Power User Track, which provides the essential knowledge of AppDynamics necessary to move on to installing the platform, you’ll start with basic navigation, and quickly begin tackling more complex AppDynamics configuration and troubleshooting topics. After completing the Power User track, you’ll have a solid understanding of the AppDynamics platform and how to configure and customize the monitoring settings as well as troubleshoot many performance issues. Learn more about the Power Users Track.

The rest of the Implementer Track is geared to prepare you for implementing, administering, upgrading, and troubleshooting the full AppDynamics platform in the real world. After attending our Implementer Foundations Workshop you will put this knowledge to use in real world environments and gain the valuable field experience necessary to prepare you for one of our AppDynamics Implementer Certification exams.

This track is designed for Architects, Administrators, Consultants, and Engineers. who will install, administer and upgrade the AppDynamics platform.

6 Courses + Workshop

APM 200-43
Essentials Course

Learn to identify the fundamental components of the AppDynamics Architecture and explain how Transaction Snapshots work, how metrics are captured and utilized, and what Business Transaction detection can do for your business.
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APM 201-43
Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Fundamentals Course

Analyze business transaction snapshots and troubleshoot errors before they affect the production system and report an event or error.
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APM 202-43
Code Instrumentation & Visibility Course

Learn to add detailed data to your transaction snapshots, add information points and use developer mode to get deep into your application monitoring by customizing the way you view and deliver data.
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APM 203-43
Troubleshooting Techniques Course

Champion transaction snapshots and dashboards to view additional outliers that could be causing problems, showing your team the advantages of AppDynamics from a IT and Business perspective.
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APM 204-43
Proactive Monitoring & Controller Permissions Course

Learn to use rules and automated actions to alert you to critical situations. Also learn to troubleshoot memory leaks and to detect node problems using MVC/WebAPI Transactions and Windows Performance Counters.
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APM 205-43
Custom Dashboards & Reports Course

Learn to set up scheduled reports and on-demand reports to capture application health data. Also learn to create Custom Dashboards and create Dashboard Templates. In addition, learn some additional monitoring techniques using JMX metrics and MBeans attributes for your Java applications and Windows Performance Monitor Counters for .NET apps.
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IPM 860-43
Implementer Foundations Workshop

The 5-day Implementer Foundations Workshop is designed for IT professionals who deploy AppDynamics technologies in on-premises enterprise environments. Using a hands-on case-based format, students install and upgrade the AppDynamics platform.
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Implementer Track Course Agenda

APM 200-43
Essentials Course

  • Topic 1 AppDynamics Overview
  • Topic 2 Application-Tier-Node
  • Topic 3 Business Transactions
  • Topic 4 Transaction Snapshots
  • Topic 5 Architecture Overview, Metrics, & Baselines
  • Topic 6 Explore Transaction and Backend Detection

APM 201-43
Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Fundamentals Course

  • Topic 1 Service Endpoints
  • Topic 2 Diagnostic Sessions
  • Topic 3 Health Rules and Events
  • Topic 4 Errors
  • Topic 5 Troubleshooting Node-Level Issues
  • Topic 6 Custom Dashboards
  • Topic 7 Troubleshooting War Room

APM 202-43
Code Instrumentation & Visibility Course

  • Topic 1 Development Mode
  • Topic 2 Creating a Baseline
  • Topic 3 JMX Visibility
  • Topic 4 Monitor Windows Performance Counters
  • Topic 5 Configure Data Collectors
  • Topic 6 Application Architecture – Roles and Security

APM 203-43
Troubleshooting Techniques Course

  • Topic 1 Troubleshooting
  • Topic 2 Too Many/Slow Database Calls
  • Topic 3 Over Synchronization
  • Topic 4 Resource Misuse
  • Topic 5 Memory Management
  • Topic 6 MVC/WebAPI Transactions - .NET only

Proactive Monitoring & Controller Permissions Course

  • Topic 1 Health Rules & Events
  • Topic 2 Policies, Actions, & Runbook Automation
  • Topic 3 Memory Management

Custom Dashboards & Reports Course

  • Topic 1 JMX Visibility
  • Topic 2 Windows Performance Counters
  • Topic 3 Custom Dashboards
  • Topic 4 Troubleshooting War Room
  • Topic 5 Run Reports
  • Topic 6 Explore AppDynamics

Implementer Foundations Workshop Topics

1 — Installing the AppDynamics Controller

The purpose of this module is to provide students with intimate knowledge of installing and administering the Controller.

2 — Installing the Application and Machine Agents

The purpose of this module is to provide a high level overview of agent architecture and the specifics about installing agents.

3 — Architecture and Events Service

The purpose of this module is to give an architect’s eye view of the whole platform, before dropping down to look in more detail at the Events Service.

4 — End User Monitoring: Analytics, DBMon and EUM

The purpose of this module is to provide a broad understanding of AppDynamics Analytics, database monitoring and end user monitoring functionality as well as install and validate the Analytics agent and DBMon agent.

5 — Upgrade AppDynamics Platform 4.2 - 4.3

The purpose of this module is to provide a broad understanding of the process of upgrading AppDynamics using as an example upgrading from 4.2 - 4.3.

6 — Extensions and Verifications

The purpose of this module is to provide a broad understanding of High Availability (HA), the use of Extensions in AppDynamics, as well as how certain Extensions may be utilized to support platform self-monitoring (which will be explained in detail).

AppDynamics tracks are Instructor led either onsite or virtually and include student lab practice following each instructor demo. The lab exercises link theory to practice and make sure you leave the training with the ability to use AppDynamics to the fullest.
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