Infrastructure Visibility Training

Find the data. Cut costs. Improve performance.

Control Assets
Control Assets

Make the most of your hardware

Tune Databases
Tune Databases

Allocate your resources better

Monitor Servers
Monitor Servers

Find bottlenecks and fix them

Training Overview

Learn how to set up your KPIs and how to get the most mileage out of our self-learning platform. Enhance your monitoring with automated dynamic baselining, instead of static metrics.  Learn how to get views of your entire server architecture, and make the most of the available summaries and tune your health rules so you spend less time on known issues. 

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Server Visibility Tutorials
AppDynamics Node Pattern
Database Visibility Tutorials

Infrastructure Visibility Training: Database

When your app depends on a database, the user can be negatively affected by any of a number of database performance issues. Getting visibility into these issues isn't negotiable: AppDynamics makes it simple. In just minutes, you can get monitoring set up for your production databases, with zero installation or configuration requirements for your database server. That increases your efficiency without paying a big price in overhead. In fact, our platform imposes less than 1% overhead, and our trainings will enable you to better use your database hardware, much more than offsetting that cost.

Our trainings will get you and your team up to speed on our unique technology and the simple one-pane-of-glass interface that shows all databases in one place. Make the most of your database performance, so your app performance and user experience don't suffer. Crush inefficiencies and improve your scalability by maximizing your current resource allocation. Learn how today.

Infrastructure Visibility Training: Server

Save money on infrastructure by optimizing the performance of what you've already invested in, starting with your servers. Every dollar your team isn't spending on more hardware is a dollar that goes back to the bottom line! Get full visibility into your servers: improve performance and keep your users satisfied. Our trainings will help you make that happen.

Our transparent dashboards will help you go from the business transactions you define to the servers they depend on. A server heath indicator cuts out the guesswork and puts the metrics you need at the top of your mind, while it puts the actions you need to take at your fingertips. Let our infrastructure visibility trainings help you resolve any and all your server issues.

Key Benefits

  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • High-volume performance visibility
  • Installs in minutes
  • Key metrics: execution plans, resource consumption, user sessions, and wait states
  • Monitor multiple platforms from one view
  • Quick diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Rich historical data
  • See and track performance over time
  • Simple web interface
  • Track CPU usage, time in database, and queries
  • Totally scalable