Instructor-Led Courses

Overview of the Instructor-Led Courses

Instructor-led courses are the backbone of AppDynamics' approach to teaching application performance management. Regardless of your role (Power User, Administrator, Operator, Developer, etc.) or platform (from Java to .NET and beyond) our courses will help unpack the complexities of the AppDynamics platform and get your team ready to exploit the power of application intelligence.  

Course options include half-day, full-day, two-day options, three-day and even five-day courses, tuned for your enterprise's needs. Our calendar shows currently scheduled courses you can join, and you can request private trainings anytime.

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Power User Course
This course covers a more comprehensive topic list than the Operators course, starting from basic navigation and building to complex AppDynamics configuration and troubleshooting topics. By the end of the course, students will be able to configure and customize the monitoring settings, as well as troubleshooting various performance issues.

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Developer Course
This course instructs developers on how to best correlate the performance issues identified by AppDynamics back to the offending code segments. Through presentations, workshop discussions, interactive demonstrations and hands-on class practice labs we give the developer the skills to speedily identify many different types of coding issues.

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Operator Course
This course covers the fundamental functions of AppDynamics, optimized for the role of operators. If you are an operator who monitors production environments to achieve optimum performance of your applications, this is the course for you.
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Analytics Course
1/2 DAY
This 1/2-day course is designed for users who want to understand how to expand their application performance monitoring practice to business intelligence by harnessing the power of Transaction and Log analytics provided in the AppDynamics Analytics plugin.
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Administrator Course
1/2 DAY
This course is for administering the AppDynamics Controller and agents in your organization. Not only will you learn how to configure, monitor and troubleshoot applications with AppDynamics, but you will also learn many important Controller and agent administration tasks that are vital to maintaining a healthy and efficient AppDynamics environment.
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Bootcamp Course
This course is designed to impart critical knowledge and the skills of our customers and partners to perform successful AppDynamics implementations. This will include installation, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, administration and continued improvement of the AppDynamics Intelligent Platform.

AppDynamics Instructors

We have a wide range of instructors available to run your instructor-led training. They bring extensive real-world technical mastery and a well-tested approach to teaching to every training. Your team will learn the knowledge and build the skills they need, and our training approaches ensure that they'll really retain the information.