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Mobile Real User Monitoring
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Instrumenting Your Android App
3.9 | 4.0 | 4.1
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Instrumenting Your iOS App
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Mobile Application Troubleshooting
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Start Monitoring with the Android Agent
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Start Monitoring with the iOS Agent

Why Take Mobile Real User Monitoring Tutorials?

Your enterprise needs to know how your iOS/Android native apps are working in production, and what users are really seeing and experiencing as they use the app. That's where AppDynamics platform tutorials come in, training your enterprise to mobilize full-scale real-user monitoring for mobile apps.

Connecting the dots between app transactions and server transactions has never been easier. Full crash analytics, including rate and trend analysis, make isolating and resolving critical issues fast and fluid. Behavior analytics let your team find and measure user actions in real time. Use our tutorials to unlock this information and get out in front of issues faster than ever before.

Our tutorials allow your team to access rich data and custom dashboards, enabling you to deploy lightning-quick troubleshooting, debugging, and regression and improvement analysis. Breadcrumbs show you the user actions preceding crashes and full visibility allows fast identification of unique versus recurring crashes, and they're only a tutorial away.

What You Will Learn From The Mobile Real User Monitoring Video Tutorials

  • Faster business transaction insight
  • Better behavioral analytics
  • Quicker crash analytics
  • Simplified troubleshooting, debugging, and analysis
  • Correlating mobile and server transactions
  • Finding Real-user data by device, carrier, OS, and app version
  • Improving end-user experience management
  • Mastering network request analysis
  • Tuning the configurable dashboard with widgets
  • Accessing customized metrics without code changes

End-to-End Visibility with Unified Monitoring

Our tutorials teach you how to improve your developer processes with detailed information about user performance, including crashes, in production, where it matters most. Learn how to Trace issues to the mobile front end, the network/proxies, application infrastructure, or even to specific combinations of app version, OS, and device type.

Go beyond technical data with business transaction insights using custom benchmarking and KPIs. Track revenue and orders in real time.

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