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Operator Course Overview

This one-day course covers the fundamental functions of AppDynamics, optimized for the role of Operators. If you are an Operator who monitors production environments to achieve optimum performance of your applications, this is the course for you. Using a hands-on approach, you will dive into topics such as monitoring overall application health and troubleshooting server, hardware and Business Transaction problems.

While the operator role does not include most AppDynamics configuration scenarios, the class will teach you when it is desirable to request certain types of configuration changes to improve visibility and how to use the resulting features for monitoring once they are implemented.

The course wraps up with a final module that ties everything together by exploring the company's AppDynamics Controller (not included in public offerings), as well as the demonstration of extra AppDynamics monitoring features. This course does not cover configuration of AppDynamics; it is purely an overview of the AppDynamics platform as setup by the AppDynamics administrators

Available Course Dates

AppDynamics Node Pattern
March 16
9AM - 4PM
AppDynamics Node Pattern
March 29
9:30AM - 4:30PM
AppDynamics Node Pattern
April 10
9:30AM - 4:30PM
AppDynamics Node Pattern
April 13
9AM - 4PM
AppDynamics Node Pattern
April 26
9:30AM - 4:30PM

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for operators, first and second level support and end users who need to successfully monitor enterprise applications. When your app isn't functioning optimally, neither is your business. AppDynamics lets you connect the dots between app performance and the performance of your business. Monitoring apps and tuning them has real business value, and these trainings show your team how to unlock this value. Turn your enterprise infrastructure into an integral component of the business. Use your apps to create value from engaged customers to loyal users. Take an operator course and move to data-driven troubleshooting.

The foundational data your operators get can inform your entire enterprise, helping shape strategy, development cadences, and more.

What You Will Learn In The Operator Course

The Operator Course focus is monitoring overall app health and troubleshooting issues with your business transactions, hardware, and servers. They provide a full grounding in using AppDynamics, including available configuration changes that can be requested, which can give enhanced insights into performance, new features, and extended monitoring opportunities.

  • How to troubleshoot Business Transactions using flow maps, snapshots, metric browser, diagnostics sessions, and events
  • How to request and use custom configurations for troubleshooting, such as custom entry points, exit points, information points, data collectors, custom Business Transaction rules, and custom transaction thresholds
  • How to use AppDynamics in a DevOps practice
  • How to leverage additional AppDynamics monitoring features, including: Transaction Analytics, Log Analytics, Database Monitoring


Operator Course Agenda

  • Mapping the structure and architecture of AppDynamics to your applications
  • Monitoring Business Transactions and prioritizing responses
  • Troubleshooting issues down to the code level
  • Reading dashboards and interpreting metrics
  • Understanding alerts and the applications’ health rules
  • Using Events and Errors to resolve issues
  • Setting up a War room for major incidents
  • Identifying and reviewing additional metrics in the applications

What's Unique in Our Operator Course?

Operator trainings are built around hands-on experiences with the AppDynamics platform, including the AppDynamics Controller. This one-day course has a singular focus on using one completely integrated platform to unify monitoring efforts. End-to-end application monitoring with AppDynamics is the keystone of operator trainings.

For private courses: explore your company's AppDynamics Controller configuration, with a guided tour of implementation features discussed during the course (not included in public offerings)

For public courses: explore the AppDynamics Controller in a sample application, with a guided tour of implementation features discussed during the course (not included in public offerings)




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