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Learn to deploy and configure AppDynamics across enterprise-wide applications, leveraging customized configurations to monitor and respond strategically for those who need to balance their deep dives with the big picture.
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In order to map your application environment correctly to the AppDynamics model, you need to understand what an application means and what you can do with that knowledge in AppDynamics. Take this track to gain a well-rounded experience of AppDynamics from A-Z.

— Ray Baco, AppDynamics Instructor

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6 AppDynamics Courses for Power Users

APM 200
Essentials Course

Learn to Identify the fundamental components of the AppDynamics Architecture and explain how Transaction Snapshots work, how metrics are captured and utilized, and what Business Transaction detection can do for your business.
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APM 201
Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Fundamentals Course

Analyze business transaction snapshots and troubleshoot errors before they affect the production system and report an event or error.
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APM 202
Detecting & Managing Transactions Course

Learn to use custom entry points, exit points, and information points to collect code and business metrics outside the context of Business Transactions.
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APM 203
Code Instrumentation & Visibility Course

Add detailed data to your transaction snapshots, add information points and use developer mode to get deep into your application monitoring by customizing the way you view and deliver data.
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APM 204
Troubleshooting Techniques Course

Champion transaction snapshots and dashboards to view additional outliers that could be causing problems, showing your team the advantages of AppDynamics from a IT and Business perspective.
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APM 205
Reports & Proactive Monitoring Course

Learn to set up scheduled reports and on-demand reports to capture application health data, as well as controller audits, business transactions summaries, and runbook automation.
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What You Will Learn In the Power User Track

This five-course Power User Track covers a comprehensive topic list covering aspects of the Operator and Developer roles plus additional problem solving and monitoring scenarios that turn you into a true AppDynamics Power User. Starting with basic navigation, the course builds to complex AppDynamics configuration and troubleshooting topics. Come prepared to dive into actual application problems and respond to them with the full power of the AppDynamics platform.

After completing this track, you will be able to configure and customize the monitoring settings as well as troubleshoot many performance issues. The tracks wraps up with a final course that ties everything together by exploring the company's AppDynamics Controller (not included in public offerings), as well as the demonstration of extra AppDynamics monitoring features.

A deep dive into AppDynamics solutions, the Power User Track will educate and empower you to become an AppDynamics champion in your enterprise, and enable you to bring application performance management to every facet of your operation.

  • How to troubleshoot Business Transactions using flow maps, snapshots, metric browser, diagnostics sessions, and events
  • How to extend your monitoring capability by using development monitoring mode, custom entry points, exit points, information points, data collectors, custom Business Transaction rules & custom transaction thresholds
  • How to proactively address potential issues by setting up custom dashboards, health rules, actions, policies, and runbook automation
  • How to conduct more complex troubleshooting sessions to resolve common issues like too many database calls, over-synchronization, intermittent problems, resource misuse, and memory leaks
  • How to use AppDynamics in a DevOps practice
  • How to leverage additional AppDynamics monitoring features, including: Transaction Analytics, Log Analytics, Database Monitoring

Who is this course for?

This track is designed for individuals who will deploy and configure AppDynamics across enterprise-wide applications. Typically, they are responsible for applications and monitoring, or members of the Center of Excellence leveraging customized configurations to monitor and respond strategically for those who need to balance their deep dives with the big picture.

The Power User Track covers everything you need to know to start using AppDynamics like a pro: over three days of training you users start as novices and end as true Power Users.

For private courses, explore your company's AppDynamics Controller configuration, with a guided tour of implementation features discussed during the course (not included in public offerings).

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Power User Track Agenda

APM 200

  • Topic 1 AppDynamics Overview
  • Topic 2 Application-Tier-Node
  • Topic 3 Business Transactions
  • Topic 4 Transaction Snapshots
  • Topic 5 Architecture Overview, Metrics, & Baselines
  • Topic 6 Explore Transaction and Backend Detection

APM 201
Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Fundamentals Course

  • Topic 1 Service Endpoints
  • Topic 2 Diagnostic Sessions
  • Topic 3 Health Rules and Events
  • Topic 4 Errors
  • Topic 5 Troubleshooting Node-Level Issues
  • Topic 6 Custom Dashboards
  • Topic 7 Troubleshooting War Room

APM 202
Detecting & Managing Transactions Course

  • Topic 1 Business Transaction Management
  • Topic 2 Configure Service Endpoints
  • Topic 3 Configure Transaction and Backend Detection
  • Topic 4 Configure Information Points
  • Topic 5 Configure Health Rules

APM 203
Code Instrumentation & Visibility Course

  • Topic 1 Development Mode
  • Topic 2 Creating a Baseline
  • Topic 3 JMX Visibility
  • Topic 4 Monitor Windows Performance Counters
  • Topic 5 Configure Data Collectors
  • Topic 6 Application Architecture – Roles and Security

Troubleshooting Techniques Course

  • Topic 1 Troubleshooting
  • Topic 2 Too Many/Slow Database Calls
  • Topic 3 Over Synchronization
  • Topic 4 Resource Misuse
  • Topic 5 Memory Management
  • Topic 6 MVC/WebAPI Transactions - .NET only

Reports & Proactive Monitoring Course

  • Topic 1 Reports
  • Topic 2 Policies, Actions, & Runbook Automation
  • Topic 3 Explore AppDynamics

AppDynamics tracks are Instructor led either onsite or virtually and include student lab practice following each instructor demo. The lab exercises link theory to practice and make sure you leave the training with the ability to use AppDynamics to the fullest.
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