Reports and Proactive Monitoring Course


Learn to set up scheduled reports and on-demand reports to capture application health data, as well as controller audits, business transactions summaries, and runbook automation.
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Run a report and configuring policies that execute an action when a health rule is violated or a threshold is reached is crucial knowledge every AppD user should have.

— Ray Baco, AppDynamics Instructor

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What you will learn in the Reports & Proactive Monitoring Course

This half-day Reports and Proactive Monitoring Course covers scheduled and on-demand reports. You will learn to set up schedule reports that can periodically deliver reports such as Application Health to capture application health data from the application dashboard, Dashboards, Controller Audit to capture user logins, info changes and various configurations, Home Screen, UX RUM data and all Apps reports to a list of email recipients. On-demand reports such as Business Transaction summaries and trends, Utilization, Node Performance and trends are not distributed automatically and a few templates are provided to get you started. It is the responsibility of the creator to send or post the report to make it available to its intended recipients. The course wraps up with a preview of some additional great features of AppDynamics including Business iQ, DevOps, Database Monitoring, and administration. For private classes only, you will also take a look at your own controller configuration.


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Learn to monitor and respond strategically

The Reports and Proactive Monitoring Course is designed for individuals who will deploy and configure AppDynamics across enterprise-wide applications. Typically, they are responsible for applications and monitoring, or members of the Center of Excellence leveraging customized configurations to monitor and respond strategically for those who need to balance their deep dives with the big picture.

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Policies, Actions, & Runbook Automation

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Explore AppDynamics

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