The Subscription

From introductory options to more advanced instruction, the AppDynamics Subscription will help you get started in no time.

Self-Paced Courses & Video Tutorials

What's New In AppDynamics 4.3?

End-User Monitoring
Self-Paced Course

Self-Paced Course

Self-Paced Course

DevOps Self-Paced Course

Database Monitoring
Self-Paced Course

Power Users
Self-Paced Course

Troubleshooting Workflow
Self-Paced Course

Monitoring Effectively
Self-Paced Course

Instrumenting Critical
Metrics Self-Paced Course

Configure Your Monitoring
Settings Self-Paced Course

What is SSL Video

Switching from CA
to AppDynamics Video

Switching from Dynatrace
to AppDynamics Video

What the Subscription Offers

An AppDynamics Subscription allows your team to pace their own course. From introductory options to more advanced instruction, these courses will speed your path to working with AppDynamics. To ensure thorough learning, lab simulations are included. This ensures that the lessons learned will be easy to apply in your own enterprise's environment.

Best of all, these self-paced course options are all between an hour and two hours, and available around the clock. This kind of easy access enables you to build skills when it's most convenient for you.

What's New In The Subscription


Added 6 new Self-paced courses: Self-paced Power User Course, Self-paced End User Monitoring Course, Self-paced Administrators Course, Self-paced DevOps Course, Self-paced Analytics Course, Self-paced Database Monitoring Course

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