Tracks @ AppD

AppDynamics Tracks are the most efficient approach to teaching application performance management. It is targeted towards Power Users, Operators, Developers from Java to .NET and beyond. The tracks will help unpack the full extent of the AppDynamics platform and get your team ready to exploit the power of application intelligence.

Track options can include full-day, two-day options, and three-day tracks, or private trainings tuned for your enterprise's needs.

AppDynamics Instructors

We have a wide range of instructors available to run your instructor-led training. They bring extensive real-world technical mastery and a well-tested approach to teaching to every training. Your team will learn the knowledge and build the skills they need, and our training approaches ensure that they'll really retain the information.

Looking For More AppDynamics Courses?

We have over 15 professionally developed courses to help you champion application performance management at your business and on your time.

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