What's New In AppDynamics 4.3 Course


This half-day AppDynamics Update course covers the topics you will need to understand to make the very best use of the new functionality introduced in the 4.3 release. Stay up-to-date on how AppDynamics can help you monitor application performance.
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It is crucial to stay up-to-date in the quickly changing world of APM. A lot has changed in AppDynamics 4.3 — including the scope configuration model, business transaction configuration enhancements with live preview, agent and licensing changes, analytics enhancements, RUM enhancements, and custom dashboards.

— Bradley King, AppDynamics Certified Instructor

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Welcome to Version 4.3
of the AppDynamics App iQ Platform!

In the What's New in AppDynamics 4.3 Course we explore the new functionality which provides application teams unmatched application development lifecycle transparency, from the code to end-user experiences and the business outcomes. This course introduces tools that allow for newfound visibility, where every team member can see the impact their work has on the business in real time, and ultimately deliver better applications that create value for the organization.

What's New in AppDynamics 4.3 Course provides an overview of the new Developer Toolkit that spans tools for build, test, analysis and continuous improvement:

Build. Support for new languages and development tools enable application developers to transform ideas into better apps faster.

Integration and Test. New extensions to BTs empower app teams to focus on the user journeys and code that move the needle the most, improving customer outcomes and speeding release velocity.

Smarter Continuous Improvement with Business iQ. The best apps are continuously refined and tuned to improve the user experience. The AppDynamics Developer Toolkit provides unmatched intelligence into customer journeys so app teams know which updates will matter the most to customers and the business.

Enterprise iQ and Business iQ Enhancements including license management and the new Universal Agent.

Who is this course for?

The What's New in AppDynamics 4.3 Course is designed for individuals who are involved in developing, managing and operating AppDynamics across enterprise-wide applications. This course covers a broad spectrum of users from the business manager to IT Operations, Developers, and DB Admins.

What's New In 4.3 Video

What's New Course Agenda

Topic 1
4.3 Introduction

Topic 2
Scope Configuration Model

Topic 3
BT Configuration Enhancements

Topic 4
Agent and Licensing Changes

Topic 5
Analytics Enhancements

Topic 6
Feature Enhancements

Topic 7
Custom Dashboards

AppDynamics courses are Instructor led either onsite or virtually and include student lab practice following each instructor demo. The lab exercises link theory to practice and make sure you leave the training with the ability to use AppDynamics to the fullest.

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