Empowering Technologists During Covid-19

How to navigate through rapid change.


COVID-19 is impacting technology departments across the globe in a way that was unimaginable just a few months ago. Technologists are now spearheading their organizations’ response to the pandemic, and for many, with the immediate survival of their business resting on their shoulders.

In fact, 81% of technologists state that COVID-19 has created the biggest technology pressure their organization has ever experienced.*

Watch the lively conversation as we discussed how to navigate today's new normal. We’ll dive into:

  • Changes in company priorities to accelerate digital transformation projects
  • Mobilizing huge sections of the workforce to operate from home
  • Empowering technologists to step up and drive business-critical projects
  • Solutions to help you manage application, infrastructure, and network visibility, while maintaining security throughout the technology stack
  • ...and more!

*The Agents of Transformation Report 2020


Gregg Ostrowski
Regional CTO, AppDynamics
Ron Teeter
Chief Architect, Jobvite
Whitney Satin
Director of Product Marketing, AppDynamics
Nancy Gohring
Senior Analyst – Application and Infrastructure Performance, 451 Research
Jim Grubb
Chief Technology Evangelist, Cisco

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