Live Webinar and OnDemand Replays

Full-stack observability webinar series

AppDynamics will help you meet complexity head on

Live Webinar and OnDemand Replays

Full-stack observability webinar series

AppDynamics will help you meet complexity head on

Join this webinar series and learn how to transform your organization faster by providing business context deep into the technology stack, aligning teams around shared priorities and enabling your technologists to act with confidence and control.

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Control your app experience — from network to user

With the growing use of SaaS and multi-cloud approaches alongside the ability to reach end-users across the globe, it's very likely you rely on the public internet to deliver application experiences, even if you don't realize it. Learn how AppDynamics and ThousandEyes work together seamlessly to provide visibility across your IT stack — including public and private internet. And join us for a discussion on how full-stack observability pin-points issues residing in the network and delivers visibility across application ecosystems to drive world-class user experiences.

Let automation reduce complexity across the IT stack

March 17th at 11AM PST/2PM EST

Application performance bottlenecks can be disastrous – not only for the IT staff managing the app but even more so for users. Full-stack observability leverages automation to observe issues and Intersight Workload Optimizer (IWO) ensures you can proactively keep up with customers’ always-on expectations through the lens of your applications. Join this expert-led discussion on the important role automation plays in combating growing complexities across your IT stack.

SAP: Precisa identificar problemas mais rapidamente e melhorar sua disponibilidade para o negócio?


Para a maioria das empresas, as aplicações SAP® são de missão crítica para a operação. E, no entanto, o gerenciamento de desempenho SAP ainda é notoriamente complicado e não confiável. Até agora. Com o monitoramento AppDynamics para SAP, você pode finalmente garantir o desempenho impecável de qualquer aplicação SAP usando ABAP, incluindo ERP, ECC, S4/HANA, CRM, BW, PI e muito mais.

Safeguard user experiences with an app-first security strategy.

Most organizations are constantly on the lookout for ways to proactively drive efficiency. Full-stack observability bridges gaps between security, technical performance and business performance to protect your organization and users from attacks and vulnerabilities. Learn how unified business performance and security observability make it easy to make app-first security a key part of your business strategy.



Gain visibility through your SAP ecosystem — and beyond

March 31st at 11AM PST/2PM EST

The interconnected world is increasingly complex and visualizing what happens after the user action is critical. This includes the wide range of SAP products at the heart of the largest enterprises. While SAP products are business critical, many organizations haven’t been monitoring it — until now. Full-stack observability provides the most comprehensive view of your applications, as far down stream as you need because tracing doesn't stop when we venture into SAP.

How to Build a monitoring cockpit to drive business


AppDynamics Business iQ is the capability of our platform to help our customers bridge the communication gap between IT and Business Leaders, while also connecting the dots and giving actionable insights on the performance and business health of their applications in real time. AppDynamics Business iQ is a powerful way to see your data and the impact it has on your business. Let us help you and your team work as one to prioritize “million-dollar” issues while also optimizing your digital investments.


Kirk Comstock, Sr. Solutions Engineer

Kirk Comstock is a Senior Solutions Engineer with AppDynamics with almost 4 years of experience solving customer challenges throughout the software development lifecycle. He has been invited to speak on all things application performance, networking monitoring and application security. His expertise lies in supporting customers, helping them find creative solutions and educating them on the value of full stack observability.

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