Live Webinar and OnDemand Replays

Winter Full Stack Observability Webinar Series

AppDynamics Will Help You Meet Complexity Head On

Live Webinar and OnDemand Replays

Winter Full Stack Observability Webinar Series

AppDynamics Will Help You Meet Complexity Head On

Join our new webinar series and learn to transform your organization faster by providing business context deep into the technology stack, aligning teams around shared priorities and enabling your technologists to act with confidence and control.

Walk away with valuable knowledge and gain eligibility to receive a $50 prize!

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  1. Register and attend one of four webinars listed below
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PS. If you couldn’t join us live, On Demand replays will be available post webinar and posted on this page.


Own the Internet & Control Performance

In this webinar we will cover how AppDynamics and ThousandEyes seamlessly work together to provide you with visibility into the Full Stack - including Public and Private Internet. With the use of SaaS services, multi-cloud approaches, and end-users spread across the globe, it's very likely you rely on the public internet to deliver your application experience, even if you don't realize it. We will discuss how to pin-point issues that reside in the network coupled with visibility into the Application which really brings together Full Stack Observability.

Infrastructure Automation Made Easy

January 19th at 2PM EST/11AM PST

Full Stack Observability is not just about observing issues it's about automating. Application performance bottlenecks can be disastrous – not only do we feel it as IT personnel managing the app but so do our customers. IWO is about making sure we are proactively keeping up with demand through the lens of our application. In this session our expert will discuss just how important automation will be to combat growing complexities.

BizDevSecOps: One Long Acronym. One Solution

January 13th at 2PM EST/11AM PST

Every team is always looking to be more efficient and proactive. Learn how FSO is bridging the gap between Security, Technical Performance, & Business Performance. With Application Security Monitoring, protect your organization and your users from attacks and vulnerabilities with unified business performance and security observability. Learn how easy it is to make app-first security a key part of your business observability platform.

Solving bottlenecks in SAP using AppDynamics

January 26th at 2PM EST/11AM PST

SAP products today are wide-ranging and include some of the core technology at the heart of the largest Enterprises. SAP is business critical, but often we aren't monitoring it. Why? With Full Stack Observability we can provide the most comprehensive view of your application(s). The interconnected world is becoming more and more complex and visualizing what happens after the user action is critical. We go as far down stream as you need us to, meaning tracing doesn't stop when we venture into SAP.


Kirk Comstock, Sr. Solutions Engineer

Kirk Comstock is a Senior Solutions Engineer with AppDynamics with almost 4 years of experience solving customer challenges throughout the software development lifecycle. He has been invited to speak on all things application performance, networking monitoring and application security. His expertise lies in supporting customers, helping them find creative solutions and educating them on the value of full stack observability.

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