Php Code Profiler

PHP Profiling and Tuning

To make performance optimization effective and efficient, it’s important to have the right tools in place. This means you’ll need a PHP profiler that’s capable of monitoring your production environment, so you can find out what impact your optimization efforts have really had on your end users. Many developers spend hours or weeks on a performance optimization project only to find that it hasn’t made the slightest difference in how the application performs. 

AppDynamics for PHP is an easy-to-use PHP monitoring solution designed for production environments. With AppDynamics, you can easily monitor your PHP code, identify bottlenecks, and drill down to the class and method level to identify root cause.

Easy to install and use


AppDynamics automatically discovers and maps your PHP application and begins baselining performance for each business transaction. When performance starts to degrade, you can easily find the bottleneck in your application and begin troubleshooting. We’ll also auto-detect your business transactions for MVC frameworks like Zend and Symfony.

Use performance baselines for intelligent alerting

Many PHP management tools include alerting capabilities, but their static, global thresholds often result in alert storming or, worse, missing a developing problem in the application. With AppDynamics’ intelligent baselines, you’ll never have to receive an unnecessary alert again – set up alerts to fire only on irregular performance for a particular Business Transaction, infrastructure or application metric.

Drill down to code-level detail


AppDynamics has the most complete call stack traces in any PHP performance tool. With AppDynamics, you can drill-down on PHP application tiers and see the code execution to understand which line of code is responsible for latency, even with visibility into SQL queries. The performance of each business transaction is automatically baselined, so AppDynamics can give you a reference of normal performance, and alert you when it deviates.

See the impact of new code releases

Compare the performance of your application before and after a code release to understand how performance was affected by the new code. 

Key Features of PHP Monitoring

  • Business Transactions: Automatic detection, response time, calls per minute, slow, very slow, stalls
  • Code-level Diagnostics: Diagnostic sessions showing complete code execution, policy-based collection available
  • SQL Statement Visibility: PDO statements & prep statements, remove sensitive data
  • Errors: Transaction errors, backend errors
  • Real User Monitoring: Browser diagnostics correlated with code-level diagnostics
  • Change Detection: Record application change events
  • Application Flow Map: Visualize all dependencies of your application
  • Real-Time Analytics: Automatic baselining and scoring of application and transaction performance

Get Started

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