Laravel Performance Monitoring


Laravel is a popular open-source framework designed to develop web applications using MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectures. Built atop several components from the Symfony Framework, Laravel offers users a wide range of tools and bundles and integration with MySQL PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and other major database systems. Its included Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) converts data between incompatible database systems to create a virtual object database that Laravel may then leverage to build apps. Other core Laravel features include reverse routing to define relationships between links and routes, creating URIs based on the names of existing routes; RESTful controllers to separate the logic behind serving HTTP GET and POST requests; and Class Auto Loading which allows for automated loading of PHP classes without having to manually maintain inclusion paths.

The AppDynamics platform provides full, code-level visibility into the performance of your PHP application built on the Laravel framework. With rapid installation and the most scalable architecture in the industry, AppDynamics solutions help you deploy your applications more quickly and with more confidence.

Distributed transaction tracing

Quickly find performance bottlenecks by tracing transactions across any heterogeneous application environment and correlating PHP calls to downstream Java/.Net/PHP/Node.js tiers.

Web and mobile user experience correlation

Understand the client-side performance impact of business transactions by automatically correlating browser and device performance to originating business transaction performance metrics.

Database / NoSQL visibility

Expand visibility from the user to the database by correlating database performance to originating business transaction performance metrics.


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