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World’s 1# APM solution

Explore AppDynamics’ application intelligence platform to monitor, manage and analyze the performance of enterprise business applications in complex multi-cloud environments.

AI-powered application performance management
for the modern enterprise

Drive application and business performance with AI-powered insights and visibility
into every facet of your application environment on a single pane of glass.

Application Performance Monitoring

Get complete visibility into every line of code and important transactions across multi-cloud environments.

Real-time business insights

Visualize revenue paths and correlate customer and application experience to find and fix app issues.

End User Monitoring

Quickly solve web application performance issues and optimize key business transactions with an entire view of the customer journey.

Network Monitoring

Solve issues more quickly with our AI, which auto-detects performance problems and identifies the precise root cause.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Drill into business transactions to see and troubleshoot server, database and network issues before they affect customers.

Cloud Monitoring

Accelerate cloud migration and optimize performance across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures with confidence.

Connect application performance and customer experience
to business outcomes with the world’s #1 APM solution.

How it works

From the end user’s front-end to the application back-end, AppDynamics is the only platform that unifies
full-stack performance monitoring for business and IT departments.



See real-time customer journeys for every business transaction

  • Agents -- plug-ins or extensions -- are deployed throughout application environment to monitor the performance of your application code, runtime and behavior
  • AppDynamics auto-discovers business transactions and dynamically tags and traces every component of your application and visualizes them in a topology map


Detect issues before customers notice them

  • With AppDynamics’ AI, Cognition Engine, automatic baselines are dynamically created for every metric for up to a year of data, taking seasonality and other fluctuating patterns into account. 
  • Automatically detect performance problems and compare those anomalies to your business baselines, so that you can prevent IT alert storms


3 clicks to root cause

  • Solve issues faster with AppDynamics code-level diagnostics, which acts as an early warning system to identify issues with Transaction Snapshots and correlate application behavior and performance -- without having to sift through log files. 
  • AppDynamics helps you diagnose in live production environments with low overhead agents. Fix problems in live and pre-production


Real-time performance intelligence for business and IT

  • Business iQ is an industry first that translates code-level monitoring into immediate, clear and actionable insights
  • Quickly get a clear, visual live view via custom dashboards of the health of your business. Find out where and when users abandon your application to identify latency or other potential performance challenges

Why AppDynamics APM?

A proven industry leader and a part of Cisco, AppDynamics has an unrivaled vision of the future of application performance management and AIOps.
Top enterprises all over the world trust AppDynamics to power their complex multi-cloud environments, helping them
to drive innovation and focus on what matters most.

AppDynamics + Cisco = Your trusted, long-term partner

We identify risks and root cause sooner before they turn into issues that impact your business

We’re a Leader in Gartner MQ for the 8th year running

We securely monitor 100% of all user transactions, at scale, end to end

AppDynamics’ Business iQ is an unparalleled industry innovation

See benefits to your business quickly with custom solutions and low total cost of ownership

“Without AppDynamics, it would be like driving a car at 100 miles per hour with your eyes closed. You can’t afford not having the visibility that AppDynamics provides.”

Hector Aguilar, CTO and SVP of Engineering, Okta 

We integrate with your existing technology stack

Explore an ecosystem of best-in-class technologies to complement and enhance your core technology investments and adoption of AIOps. 
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See why Gartner named us a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant