End User Monitoring

Understand your users like never before

See where people connect with your applications and make the most of every interaction with precise, end-to-end user insights.

Identify end user issues at the source

Monitor key metrics across any device, browser or third-party service to make sure emerging issues don't become major problems.

Follow the user experience

Experience Journey Mapping (ExJM) charts the most trafficked application paths and evaluates their performance along the way.

See how customers interact with your app and identify opportunities for optimization to deliver the experience they demand.

With a full view across the entire web and mobile application experience, ExJM supports all stakeholders in your digital experience — from application owners to IT operations and developers alike

Delight and convert them

With browser and mobile real user monitoring (RUM), optimize customer journeys across devices, operating systems and browser types like never before to drive business results.

Rapidly identify application issues, glitches, crashes, network requests and page load details.

With mobile real user monitoring, understand how users interact with your mobile apps across devices, OS and browser types — from the tap of a finger, to a code event, to infrastructure activity.

Stay one step ahead

With synthetic monitoring, monitor the availability and performance of web applications and APIs to spot problems before your customers know they exist.

Establish performance baselines, benchmark the competition and manage third-party SLAs for web applications, APIs and critical services.

Advanced alerting and correlation with real user monitoring and APM data provides in-depth triage and troubleshooting capabilities for faster MTTI and MTTR.

Uncover the Internet of Things (IoT)

Validate business outcomes with insights into device and user behavior and gain visibility into your connected devices and everything that matters, from end to end

Streamline collaboration between operations and applications teams to reduce time spent resolving device issues

AppDynamics puts IT teams at the center of business success

"It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour. "

Heather Abbott
Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

The Journey to Observability

How early adopters are reaping the benefits of enhanced visibility across the IT environment

Security Layer Network Layer Infrastructure Layer Application Layer User Layer Business Layer Top Layer

full-stack correlation:

Make every tech decision a business decision

Correlate full stack performance with key business metrics like conversions and quickly resolve issues before they impact the bottom line.

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Deliver a flawless user experience

Visualize the digital experience between your users and your business and ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience at every touch point.

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Spot every application issue, on the spot

Pinpoint root causes of application problems in real time, from 3rd party APIs down to code level issues, so your IT teams can quickly identify what’s most affecting your key business metrics.

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Optimize your infrastructure

Visualize every component of your infrastructure — from server, to database, to hybrid and cloud native environments — supporting optimal application performance.

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Drive results across any network, anywhere

See the external networks your apps rely on to gather insights and quickly resolve issues with any ISP, SaaS, DNS or third-party provider.

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Secure your apps from the inside out

Detect application code and security vulnerabilities in minutes — not months — with unified business, performance and security insights.

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A world-class network of technologies to support your application innovation

Understand how end user monitoring tools benefit your business

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See your entire user experience at a glance with end user digital experience monitoring

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