Experience Journey Map has been named a finalist in the CRN 2020 Tech Innovator Awards.

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Experience Journey Map

Unlock insight into users’ most-traveled journeys across your business applications — and view performance every step of the way.

Customer experience journey mapping across the full user experience

Experience Journey Map (ExJM) provides an aggregated view of all sessions across your application, mapping the most trafficked paths and related performance along the way. This innovative functionality enables you to visualize how customers interact with your applications across devices while identifying opportunities for optimization, ⁠so you can deliver the high-quality experience they demand.

By delivering visibility across the entire web and mobile application experience, ExJM supports application owners, IT operations, and developers alike.

For application owners: Evaluate user behavior through the lens of app performance

  • Provides a real-time, out-of-box view of the application experience — a boon for managing, prioritizing and maximizing resource investment.
  • Identifies the most critical areas of the application, making it easier to collaborate with operations and developers to proactively identify blind spots in monitoring.
  • Segment traffic for each step in the journey by device type, geography, browser type, or OS.

For IT operations: Identify slower portions of the customer journey

  • Enables better prioritization of performance incidents based on the number of users impacted. 
  • Locates bottlenecks in the customer journey, simplifying deployment of additional resources as traffic increases.
  • Drill down on each step of the journey to identify the poor performing sessions and identify the root cause.

For developers: See where front-end application optimization could benefit the most users

  • Identifies steps within the mobile customer journey that experience a higher number of crash and Application Not Responding (ANR) application errors, enabling faster resolution.
  • Visualize pages in a web application that contain JavaScript or other page errors.
  • Fosters collaboration with application owners to optimize app areas that greatly enhance the user experience.

Experience Journey Map: A Unique Advantage

Visualize journeys

Auto-discover the most transited journeys and changing user patterns within the application.

Identify problems

View the performance experience of each step in the user journey to more easily find root cause.

Prioritize resources

Determine the areas of the experience journey that could be optimized for the greatest user benefit.

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