AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

Our platform helps you monitor, manage and optimize the performance of your business-critical applications with confidence using the industry's best features, including automatic application mapping, dynamic baselining and deep code-level visibility.

With AI/ML-based Cognition Engine, automate actions to distribute the workload for scaling, optimizing and delivering content to your end user.

Instrument business-critical applications with smart agents

Implementation: Minimal to no code changes

Instrument applications with smart agents to identify, measure, validate and optimize your applications without making significant changes to application code. Isolate and resolve issues faster without impacting your end users.

Get complete visibility into your apps and the customer journey – automatically

Visibility: Get a complete view of your application services

Know the inter-connectivity of your applications better than ever before. AppDynamics automatically visualizes your applications, producing real-time flow maps that reveal interdependencies, and traces important business transactions based on application behavior throughout the day 24X7.

Focus on what matters with automatic performance baselining

Performance: Auto-discover what's "normal"

AppDynamics APM dynamically baselines performance, automatically discovering what's "normal," so you only get alerted when thresholds are exceeded. Our AI/ML-enabled platform leverages high-density metrics to identify seasonality of your application, therefore limiting alert storms. Our flexible alerting system integrates with third-party solutions like ServiceNow, PagerDuty and Jira.

Stay in complete control as you deploy, manage and scale

Control: Built for the enterprise

Take back control of application and user management with an intuitive UI that drives faster deployment while delivering the right access to teams working globally and leveraging public, private or hybrid cloud environments. As your company grows, so will your needs – fortunately, it's easy to scale maintenance and role-based access control and governance.

Discover how AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform can help your business-critical applications run smoothly 24X7 and keep customers happy.