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Get to know the AppDynamics Business Observability Platform

Through full-stack business observability, our leading enterprise solution helps you focus on what’s most important to your bottom line, driving revenue and helping you retain customers throughout your digital and cloud transformation.

You receive an alert that one of your apps is running slowly

AppDynamics intelligent AI/ML capabilities automatically and continuously baseline your application behavior. Whenever performance deviates from the norm, you’ll get alerts in real time. Let’s see exactly what is being impacted by this particular issue.

How is this issue impacting my business?

AppDynamics Business IQ (BiQ) correlates application performance to your company’s most critical business metrics. BiQ helps you prioritize your work in a way that best supports your unique business objectives and user experience.  

Here, you’ll see that there’s an issue with checkout that could be impacting your business’ performance via your applications. Let’s dig deeper.

Is this impacting my end-user experience?

AppDynamics includes fully integrated end user monitoring capabilities that can visualize the most commonly travelled paths in your applications. From here, you can clearly see that a checkout issue is impacting your end users. Now that we know the impact of the issue, let’s find the root cause.

Where is the issue coming from?

Here, the software has opened up to a flow map view of your user's checkout experience, illustrating all the required services within your environment that are called upon to fulfill and deliver a user-initiated request.

AppDynamics flow maps provide a holistic view that helps you reduce resolution times across the stack by increasing visibility just about everywhere. The unique AI/ML capabilities of AppDynamics Cognition Engine help you quickly identify the source of performance anomalies. By following the red alert, we can drill down even further to the root cause.

What’s causing the issue?

Within each critical layer of your application landscape lies millions of code instances and dependencies — both owned and external. Cognition Engine zooms in on root causes of issues while visualizing everything across the full stack, including third party SaaS and IoT. Let’s take a deeper dive into the issues that were uncovered and how AppDynamics can help you quickly resolve them.

Track and resolve the most critical issues affecting your business results

Pinpoint the root cause of a code issue through deep visibility into your applications, and securely capture critical debug data on-demand without any performance overhead. Avoid sifting through log files, save time for your teams and reduce MTTR. With deep code-level visibility, empower your developers with pinpoint accuracy and focus on what matters most: releasing innovative features at the speed of modern business.

Move from reactive to proactive infrastructure monitoring. Automate actions to prevent mid-performance risks and deliver the required functionality around application and infrastructure telemetry, dashboards, roles, and application profiles. WIth Intersight Workload Optimizer, balance infrastructure resourcing needs and cost optimization, in real time, as you scale to align your app performance with the demands of today.

With AppDynamics and ThousandEyes, leverage deep visibility for stronger business outcomes. See inside your digital experience — from the application code and instrumentation level to every network or dependency you use — and wow your customers and employees with fast, proactive responses. Precisely monitor each transaction within your complex digital service delivery supply chain and ensure your business runs flawlessly from all vantage points.

From mainframes to microservices, Cisco Secure Application detects vulnerabilities in minutes and identifies attacks to prevent breaches. Unite AppOps and SecOps to protect against threats to your business in real time, from mainframes to microservices.

It’s that simple

In just a few clicks, AppDynamics pinpoints the root cause so you can resolve the issue and get back to doing what you do best — focusing on the business. 

By harnessing the power of the AppDynamics full stack Business Observability Platform, your enterprise will be better equipped to deliver a flawless customer experience when your customers demand nothing less.

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