You are an Agent of Change

You have a story to tell, and we want to hear it.

You’re an innovator. A disruptor. You spearhead digital transformation. You have a story and we want to hear it.

The AppDynamics global Customer Advocacy Program will be your biggest supporter, a champion of your digital transformation. Our mission is to shine a spotlight on your successes to help inspire the next group of innovators and disruptors.

“As an advocate of AppDynamics, I’ve had the opportunity to further develop my personal brand, while championing the transformative work my team is doing at World Bank.”

Michael Makar
Senior IT Manager, World Bank

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Elite Group of Innovators

Our advocates didn’t shy away from problems, they welcomed them. They found root cause and dug deeper.
They identified gaps in their business and delivered results.

Become an Agent of Transformation and let us showcase your business and IT innovations.

A Painless Process

Let us do the hard stuff. Tell us about a quick win or even something complex. We’ll walk you through how easy it is to share your story. We can help produce a mini case study all the way to a polished brand video. We will work to make the process as simple and painless as possible.


The goal of our advocacy program is mutual success. We want to co-create content that helps you access speaking opportunities, analyst interviews, VIP dinners and awards, press engagements, videos, and more. So far, it’s worked.

“Working with AppDynamics and applying their solutions has greatly improved my team's ability to monitor and service the consumer throughout their purchasing journey. This partnership with AppD has allowed Carhartt to showcase the transformative work we are doing to improve our consumers' experience. This development has been invaluable for Carhartt in its mission to serve and protect hardworking people.”

John Hill
CIO, Carhartt

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