Mobile Real User Monitoring

Observe and improve the end user experience across every device and delivery network within native mobile apps.

Monitor sessions, crashes and events in real time

Understand how users interact with your mobile apps and improve performance by looking at the entire end-to-end user journey — from the tap of a screen to the underlying code and infrastructure — with mobile real user monitoring tools.

Know how users interact with your applications

Observe UI events such as button presses, text inputs, list interactions, system-level events and custom UI events, and filter and analyze user sessions by geography, device type, OS, carrier, memory, disk space, battery and more.

Follow the user journey from start to finish

Experience Journey Map (ExJM) helps you see how customers interact with your application’s digital experience and identify opportunities for optimization.

With a full view across the entire web and mobile application experience, ExJM supports all stakeholders in your digital experience — from application owners to IT operations and developers alike.

Resolve crashes faster with real-time alerting

Automatically capture stack traces to pinpoint code issues and correlate real-time crash alerts with user sessions to understand the cause of the crash and how to reproduce it.

Visualize app issues with mobile screenshots

Analyze bugs and errors with touch point screenshots to track where your users are clicking on the screen when using your app.

Better understand your customer user experience by determining the correct display on different mobile devices.

Know whether it’s the application, the device, or the network

With the integration of Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco ThousandEyes, correlate (browser or mobile) application performance with the networks, APIs and cloud-based services your business relies on - isolating application issues from underlying network disruptions.

Through unifying synthetic internet insights into real-user experience monitoring, promptly address mobile user experience problems by pinpointing whether the root cause lies in the application or the network, and route resolution to the right teams for rapid response.

Use real-time dashboards for immediate business insights

Mobile app scorecards make it easy to determine the health of your mobile apps at a glance, and BusinessIQ dashboards help you visualize application performance in the context of business results.

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"One of the key advantages that we have seen from Business iQ is that it provides a vehicle for both business colleagues and IT colleagues to collaborate together around a single source of truth."

John Hill
Chief Information Officer, Carhartt

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