Mobile Real User Monitoring

Improve the end-user experience of native mobile applications.

Track user sessions, capture crash events and monitor network requests in real-time.

Understand how users interact with your mobile apps and improve performance by looking at the entire end-to-end user journey from tap to code to infrastructure.

User Session Tracking

  • Know how much time users spend on each view and how they traverse your applications.
  • Track UI events such as button presses, text inputs, list interactions, system-level events and custom UI events.

  • Filter and analyze user sessions by geography, device type, OS, carrier and more.

Crash Reporting and Analysis

  • Resolve crashes faster by getting alerted when unique crashes occur.
  • Automatically capture stack traces to pinpoint code issues.

  • Correlate crash events with user sessions to understand the cause of a crash and how to reproduce it.

Mobile App Screenshots

  • Analyze bugs and errors by correlating code issues with screenshots. You’ll be able to see what the user is doing when issues happen.

  • Track where your users are clicking on the screen when using your app.

  • Better understand your customer user experience by determining the correct display on different devices.

Network Request Performance

  • Ensure every network request is fast by monitoring the Business Transactions that power your mobile apps.

  • Enforce SLAs for APIs, content delivery networks, and other third-party services.

  • Know if poor app performance is due to an application issue or a network issue.

Real-Time Dashboards

  • Mobile app scorecards make it easy to determine the health of your mobile apps at a glance.
  • Set up dashboards to visualize the data that matters most to your business.

  • Tie app performance to business performance with Business iQ.

Supported Platforms


Our iOS SDK can be integrated manually or with CocoaPods.

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Our Android SDK can be integrated manually, with Maven Central, or through our Android Studio plugin.

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Our Xamarin plugin makes it easy to instrument Xamarin apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

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