React Monitoring

Optimize user experience for React applications

React combines the speed of JavaScript with unique rendering capabilities to make web pages that are highly dynamic and responsive to user input. Unfortunately, this also creates a web application environment in near-constant change. Multiply that with an ever-expanding number of apps on even more types of web-enabled devices and you’ve got a potential performance nightmare on your hands.

AppDynamics Browser Real User Monitoring is a dynamic, flexible, enterprise-ready solution built for the rapid pace that makes React-based web apps dependable. Optimize and maintain your end-user experience with AppDynamics.

Global browser visibility

  • Get real-time performance data across a variety of parameters — page, URL, geo, devices, browsers and custom

  • Understand and respond to end-user experiences anywhere in the world in real-time

  • Add immediate business value by prioritizing the most business-relevant changes  

Deep page diagnostics

  • Correlate individual user experience with page, network, and infrastructure performance by session

  • Quickly pinpoint and address issues anywhere in your environment to keep end users happy and engaged

  • Drive IT value to the business by delivering on customer-centered KPIs

Full infrastructure visibility

  • See and correlate Business Transaction performance with supporting database, server and network performance

  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks and align all teams quickly with end-to-end visibility

  • Focus finite resources on high-value activities by dramatically reducing MTTR and war room scenarios

Health rule-based alerting

  • Dynamically baseline and monitor business, IT, and custom metrics, assigning health rules and appropriate policies to trigger alerts

  • Get alerts only on the metrics important to you and your business

  • Eliminate alert noise to reduce non-critical IT “spin”

Business performance analytics

  • Using individual session data, see how actual user activities compare to defined user journeys in real time

  • Understand and improve browser performance with immediate comparative facts

  • Support IT business value by proactively managing user journeys to drive business outcomes

“[AppDynamics Browser Real User Monitoring] shows a user transaction from start to finish, and is just a lot more detailed and flexible than our previous tool. The reporting is much more user-friendly.”

Jason Briggs, Monitoring Engineering Manager, Paychex


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