Browser Real User Monitoring

Optimize the digital experience of browser-based applications while staying focused on the results most critical to your business.

Using browser real user monitoring, follow actual users while optimizing their experience in real time to support core business KPIs like revenue and conversion.

Observe your users anywhere in the world

Visually monitor global customer journeys anywhere through a single pane of glass. Track metrics like top page view requests and longest response times to focus on key issues.

See how customers interact with browser-based applications

Experience Journey Map (ExJM) helps you see how customers interact with browser-based apps and identify opportunities for optimization to deliver the experience they demand.

Support all stakeholders in your digital experience — from application owners to IT operations and developers alike.

Employ browser-user insights to optimize the customer journey

Avoid guesswork and optimize your web apps based on data such as response time, first byte time, and DOM ready time.

Understand the distribution of your users by browser, version, device and geographical location to optimize accordingly.

Rapidly identify poorly performing lines of code, from the web app to the database to improve collaboration between teams.

Drill into individual user experiences and respond quickly

Proactively identify and resolve performance issues that affect critical business transactions through real-time user behavior, network, page rendering and detailed resource waterfalls with load time analysis.

Understand each individual page view’s performance within the context of the user journey through the entire user session for each interaction with the website.

Get alerts that matter with dynamic performance baselines

Reduce false alerts with proactive anomaly detection and intelligent alerting.

Automatically adapt to the high-variance performance metrics in the web/browser world using machine learning.

"It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridges both the APM and the Business product usage effectively."

Heather Abbott
Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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Monitor and optimize your digital experience with browser real user monitoring