Business Performance Monitoring

From bits and bytes to real business results

AppDynamics Business iQ delivers business performance monitoring and observability for every layer of your tech stack, so that you can work as one to prioritize what matters most.

Context that changes everything

Business iQ is a powerful way to see your data through the lens of business impact. Surface only the most relevant insights that help you know what to fix first, what to rebuild, what to expand and what to optimize.

Maximize business performance

Shield your high-converting sales funnels from performance-related hiccups.

  • Prioritize the ‘million-dollar’ issues by strategically ranking customer interactions based on their impact to the business, improving SLAs, service adoption and other critical performance KPIs

  • Be known for the best experience. Whether a seamless checkout or a hassle-free login, every digital touch point matters more than ever. Perfect the moments that breathe life into your brand with precise, actionable insights

Tie user experiences to results

See how your end-user experiences translate to your bottom line.

  • Business Journey Mapping surfaces contextual insights that show you how performance impacts your application’s key business transactions. Automatically capture errors, crashes, network requests, page load details and other metrics for an entire user session

  • User Journey Dashboards visualize key business metrics across user conversion or other milestones in the customer journey.  Understand the impact on your business when users abandon your application due to latency or other potential performance challenges

Optimize your digital investments

Release software without a hitch and meet your customer’s expectations at every turn.

  • Release validation allows you to measure the impact of a new software release or an event (for example, cloud migration) based on revenue generated, conversion rate or other KPIs to better understand its impact on your business

AppDynamics puts IT teams at the center of business success

"One of the key advantages that we have seen from Business iQ is that it provides a vehicle for both business colleagues and IT colleagues to collaborate together around a single source of truth. "

John Hill
Chief Information Officer, Carhartt

Understanding the value of monitoring and managing SAP

Learn why comprehensive SAP observability is now essential — and how AppDynamics Performance Monitoring for SAP can help.

Security Layer Network Layer Infrastructure Layer Application Layer User Layer Business Layer Top Layer

full-stack correlation:

Make every tech decision a business decision

Correlate full stack performance with key business metrics like conversions and quickly resolve issues before they impact the bottom line.

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Deliver a flawless user experience

Visualize the digital experience between your users and your business and ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience at every touch point.

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Spot every application issue, on the spot

Pinpoint root causes of application problems in real time, from 3rd party APIs down to code level issues, so your IT teams can quickly identify what’s most affecting your key business metrics.

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Optimize your infrastructure

Visualize every component of your infrastructure — from server, to database, to hybrid and cloud native environments — supporting optimal application performance.

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Drive results across any network, anywhere

See the external networks your apps rely on to gather insights and quickly resolve issues with any ISP, SaaS, DNS or third-party provider.

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Secure your apps from the inside out

Detect application code and security vulnerabilities in minutes — not months — with unified business, performance and security insights.

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A world-class network of technologies to support every goal

See why full-stack observability equals better business outcomes

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Boost your business intelligence

See how AppDynamics Business iQ helps application teams drive key outcomes.

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Why AppDynamics?

AppDynamics drives business outcomes by putting application health in the context of your business, while providing unparalleled observability across tools, service and infrastructure on the backend.

The observability platform built for business results

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