Business iQ

Align your business owners and IT department with one common language, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. No more silos. No more war rooms.

What is Business iQ?

Business iQ is an industry first that translates code-level monitoring into immediate, clear and actionable insights, by correlating application performance, user experience and business outcomes. From the end user’s front-end to the application back-end, AppDynamics is the only platform that unifies full stack performance monitoring for business and IT departments.

Measure how your application performance impacts Business Health

Business Health dashboards help you understand how application performance impacts your customers and business. Stream and surface contextual insights that show you how performance impacts key business KPIs. Business iQ provides a unified and correlated view of business performance, technology performance and user experience.

Monitor and get alerts on the most business-critical paths within your application

User Journey dashboards identify critical steps users take before specific conversion events or other milestones in the customer journey.  Find out where and when users abandon your application to identify latency or other potential performance challenges.

Carhartt loves Business iQ

“One of the key advantages that we have seen from Business iQ is that it provides a vehicle for both business colleagues and IT colleagues to collaborate together around a single source of truth.”

John Hill, Chief Information Officer, Carhartt

Proactively manage digital business processes

Business Journeys allow you to identify where bottlenecks exist before they become customer-impacting. Measure the health of end-to-end business processes with multiple application components in real time.

Measure the impact of digital investments

Release Validation allows you to measure the impact of a release or event (for example, cloud migration) based on revenue generated, conversion rate or other KPI to better understand its impact on your business.

Medallia loves Business iQ

“It’s critical to be able to run queries fast, run analytics, test and surface relevant insights from the entire customer journey. AppDynamics really helped pinpoint our challenges and how to address them in real time.”

Stefan Krantz, Senior Director of Engineering, Medallia

Get Business iQ

The features provided by Business iQ are available to customers who choose our Peak Edition offering.