The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

The intelligent platform for driving application intelligence

In the modern marketplace, enterprises are defined by the software running their business. And their revenues—not to mention reputation—are defined by customer interactions with this software. It’s no longer a matter of simply deploying web and mobile applications, and then letting them run as they will. The complexities of today’s business environment demand a smarter and more disruptive approach to application management. They demand end-to-end, insight-driven management that only the Application Intelligence Platform from AppDynamics can deliver.

Application Intelligence, intelligently applied

Too much data, from too many sources? Or too little? It’s difficult to say which is the greater handicap to today’s software-defined business. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform eliminates the blind spots by enabling your business to see everything in your application environment, act with certainty based on this view, and then know—faster—how application performance is affecting your business.

AppDynamics delivers the application intelligence you need to deliver the application performance your users demand by:

Collecting data

  • Instrumentation: Watch every line of code.
  • Distributed transaction tracing: Follow the business transaction across all tiers of the application.
  • Transaction auto-learning engine: Inspect execution code, payload, libraries and methods.
  • Real-time service discovery: Map architecture topology and service dependencies.
  • Smart agents: Filter and transfer data to the management server.

Processing data

  • Real-time stream processing: Process complex metric and event streams.
  • Time series clustering and analytics: Index and manage time series by auto rolling up/purging/clustering.
  • Behavioral learning engine: Continuously adjust dynamic baselines.
  • Unstructured and structured big data indexing: Get a data warehouse for different types of application data
  • Event correlation: Correlate complex performance/change/business events

Acquiring knowledge

  • Intuitive UI: simple and easy to use for dev, ops and business users
  • Dynamic transaction flow maps: visual representation of the application topology
  • Multi-dimensional drill down: cross-correlated drill down from anywhere in the UI
  • Real-time business metrics (RTBM): real-time correlation of performance metrics and business metrics
  • Compare release: performance regression analysis for agile releases
  • Custom dashboards: drag-and-drop HTML5 dashboards
  • Query language: search language to enable data discovery


Need insights into customer experiences? Detailed business data? Or deep application performance and infrastructure data? Our platform’s low-overhead architecture places comprehensive data collection, learning and analysis at your fingertips—all in real time, all in production. Flexibility? AppDynamics offers more than enough for deployment across SaaS, on-premises and private cloud environments, complemented by your choice of custom extensions for integration with the tools you use most. That means you get a top-down view of the impact of production changes as you work, in whatever environment you’re working—plus the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to squeeze out bottlenecks and drive up application performance. That’s application intelligence, intelligently applied.

Open, extensible, indispensable

You need to monitor performance and extract meaningful analytics from your business applications—in your own environment, on your own terms. AppDynamics offers the open and extensible platform you need to support these business requirements. Opportunities to extend our platform include:

Monitoring extensions: Integrate metrics from other monitoring systems and services including databases, LDAP servers, web servers and more.

Alerting extensions: Create custom notifications to integrate AppDynamics health rule violations and events with your alerting or ticketing system.

Cloud auto-scaling extensions: Integrate cloud orchestration functionality such as creating, destroying, restarting, configuring and validating machine and image instances.

REST API extensions: Retrieve data from your AppDynamics system, including application and infrastructure metadata, metrics, events and transaction snapshots.

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