The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

The Secret to Managing the Most Complex Software Environments

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform is uniquely able to deliver rich performance data, learning, and analytics, combined with the flexibility to adapt to virtually any infrastructure or software environment. What’s more, our low-overhead architecture means that you can deploy in production and benefit from real-time data collection and analysis.

The Magic is in the Layers

The innovation in the Application Intelligence Platform can be seen in our layers, delivering richer, more useful data from end to end.

  1. Infrastructure: Our flexible solutions can be deployed in any operating model, including on-premise, SaaS, private cloud, or any combination.
  2. Smart Agents: Low overhead data collection agents automatically inject instrumentation at runtime across your infrastructure and applications. Custom extensions allow for integration of virtually any infrastructure component including storage, servers, databases and networking equipment
  3. Contextual Data: User flows and transactions are continuously discovered and captured in flight with rich contextual information about the application models, servers, services, devices, network and machine infrastructure.
  4. Behavioral Learning: The behavioral learning layer performs complex event processing across numerous data streams, learning normal performance patterns, establishing baselines and contextual metrics, and adapting to changes in the operating environment.
  5. Knowledge: Our unique instrumentation captures transaction payloads and user session data apart from performance metrics which lets the platform deliver unique insight into your business in real time to help you make better business decisions as well as correlate performance with its business impact.

Light and Flexible

Our platform was designed to be a production tool from the very beginning, giving it a unique low-overhead architecture. That means that you can deploy in production—perfect for agile development environments. This gives you the ability to instantly see the impact of production changes as you work, and adapt to optimize performance and minimize bottlenecks.

Open and Extensible

With the Application Intelligence Platform you can create a custom solution to meet the unique needs of your environment.

Opportunities to extend the platform include:

  • Monitoring extensions – include metrics collected from other monitoring systems and from services including databases, LDAP servers, web servers, C programs, and more.
  • Alerting extensions – create custom notifications to integrate AppDynamics health rule violations and events with your alerting or ticketing system.
  • Cloud auto-scaling extensions – extend the AppDynamics UI to integrate cloud orchestration functionality such as creating, destroying, restarting, configuring, and validating machine and image instances.
  • REST API extensions – retrieve data from your AppDynamics system including application and infrastructure metadata, metrics, events, and transaction snapshots.

For a complete list of extensions, please visit
AppDynamics Exchange.