JVM Monitor Memory

JVM Monitor Memory

Mysterious memory consumption can cause tremendous problems in production Java applications—especially when default JVM settings are used that end up causing performance issues. 

AppDynamics provides an easy way to monitor and manage memory and identify memory leaks. Unlike many memory monitoring tools (or logging), AppDynamics can run in your production environment without adding too much overhead -- this means you can now troubleshoot and resolve memory-related issues in your production application without having to worry about affecting end user experience. 

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Monitor memory in production
  • Reduce MTTR for memory-related issues

Real-Time Alerting for the JVM

AppDynamics also provides dynamic SLA base-lining and pro-active alerting so that performance issues can be notified as they surface, giving application and production support teams an early warning before end user experience and service levels start to breach.

Understand True Utilization of Memory Pools

Using a solution like AppDynamics you can easily monitor the different memory pool sizes over time to understand just how close your application is exhausting memory so you can better finetune your JVM/CLR memory settings.

Don’t Fear Large Amounts of Data

With AppDynamics you can perform memory leak detection and also track heap usage over time, object count and physical size (MB) of the objects residing in memory, giving you great visibility into how much data is being persisted in the JVM at any one time and how much of your memory is being exhausted by different types objects and data structures.

OutOfMemoryExceptions and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics also provides the user with visibility of heap usage, garbage collection and utilization of key memory pools over-time. AppDynamics can also track and monitor memory leaks automatically inside the JVM with minimal user analysis allowing root cause to be found in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Identify the Source of Memory Leaks—Fast

If you do have memory leaks in Java, let’s face it: spending hours trawling through thread dumps and profilers isn’t fun. And you don’t want to try a heap dump when the overhead could potentially bring down your app. But AppDynamics' Java memory leak detection can spot and flag leaking data structures:

AppDynamics automatically tracks the size and growth of Java Collections like HashMap, HashSets and ConcurrentLinkedQueues over time as data in your application is requested and persisted within JVM memory. AppDynamics uses intelligent algorithms to detect which Collections may potentially be leaking, and flags these Collections automatically so users can drill-down, and inspect the contents, to better understand what objects are being allocated, and how much memory these objects are consuming inside the Collection.

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