Optimize IBM InfoSphere for your Enterprise


IBM InfoSphere Information Server is a market-leading data integration platform which includes a family of products that enable the data integration, data quality and data governance that bridge the gap between business and IT. InfoSphere is a highly scalable and flexible integration platform for delivering trusted information to your mission critical business initiatives such as big data & analytics, data warehouse modernization, and master data management. Keeping this mission-critical data flowing is imperative for your business. AppDynamics business-centric and unified approach to application performance management is the perfect fit for driving stellar IBM InfoSphere performance.

Our unified suite of application and business performance management solutions automatically discovers, baselines and monitors all the WebSphere-based IBM InfoSphere data management applications in the context of your overall environment and business goals. With easy installation, real-time analytics, and the most scalable architecture in the industry, only AppDynamics manages IBM InfoSphere applications in a business context. Your business relies on your data. Trust it to AppDynamics..

Monitoring in Business Context

  • Get immediately actionable application and business health baselines, anomaly detection, and alerts from a single, unified interface

  • Visualize and analyze application and business KPIs together to proactively manage risk and opportunity

  • Drive IT business value by prioritizing business-critical code development and release

Multi-Domain Integration

  • Monitor WebSphere-based InfoSphere applications and pinpoint issues anywhere they reside—physical, virtual, cloud hybrid topologies

  • Optimize your entire data management application network, in any environment, in real time.

  • Simplify architecturally complex application management with a unified solution.

Automated Dynamic Baselining

  • Automatically baseline and dynamically update InfoSphere performance and response times and get immediately alerted to changes

  • Know what “normal” looks like at all times, even in massive, complex data management environments

  • Reduce alert “noise” by understanding performance changes over time

Cloud Instance Optimization

  • Get real-time, detailed views of memory use, heap and garbage collection, and all cloud environment properties

  • Quickly pinpoint memory and garbage collection issues to speed cloud performance and eliminate CPU overload

  • More easily maintain stable, high-performing InfoSphere applications in the cloud

Infrastructure Visibility

  • See all data management application processes to troubleshoot server, database, and network issues before they affect the business

  • Ensure that your infrastructure continually supports InfoSphere application performance

  • Significantly reduce MTTR and support real-time business SLA compliance

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