AngularJS Monitoring

Optimize AngularJS application performance

AngularJS is one of the most popular web application frameworks, driving much of our high-speed mobile world. Even with this powerful, highly-extensible toolset, optimizing the performance of web apps on an exploding number of web-enabled devices is a monumental challenge.

AppDynamics Browser Real User Monitoring is a strong, flexible, enterprise-ready solution built for dynamic AngularJS-based web apps. Optimize end user experiences and make smarter roadmap decisions to drive business outcomes.

Comprehensive browser visibility

  • Get real-time performance data across page, URL, geo, devices, browsers, and your own custom parameters
  • Understand end user experiences across the globe in real time

  • Immediately know where to make changes that will have the greatest business impact

Deep page diagnostics

  • View and correlate page, network, and infrastructure performance by individual user experience and session
  • Quickly pinpoint and address issues to optimize end user experiences

  • Drive IT business value by prioritizing customer-centered web KPIs

Full-stack monitoring

  • See and correlate web, server, network, and database performance with Business Transaction performance

  • Resolve bottlenecks quickly with end-to-end visibility, using a single metric — user experience — to align all teams

  • Focus finite resources on high-value activities by dramatically reducing MTTR and war room scenarios

Metrics-based alerting

  • Dynamically baseline and monitor business, IT, and custom metrics — assigning health rules and appropriate policies to trigger alerts

  • Get alerts only on the metrics important to you and your business

  • Eliminate alert noise to reduce non-critical IT “spin”

Business performance analytics

  • Using individual session data, see how actual user activities compare to defined user journeys in real time

  • Understand and improve browser performance with immediate comparative facts

  • Support IT business value by proactively managing user journeys to drive business outcomes

“[AppDynamics Browser Real User Monitoring] shows a user transaction from start to finish, and is just a lot more detailed and flexible than our previous tool. The reporting is much more user-friendly.”

Jason Briggs, Monitoring Engineering Manager, Paychex

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