Unified Monitoring

Complete visibility into your entire IT Infrastructure with industry-first application-centric integrated monitoring platform.

See everything that matters, end-to-end, with application-centric, fully integrated Unified Monitoring. Monitor business transactions and identify customer-impacting issues quickly and precisely with a single pane of glass view of application performance — from user device to application to infrastructure and database — in real time, in production, and with minimal overhead.


One platform for Unified Monitoring

Unified Monitoring is one integrated platform built from the ground up to monitor all application ecosystem — end user, application, database and infrastructure:

  • Completely unified solution: One consistent and intuitive UI, one datastore architecture, and one install

  • Easy to extend to other components with extensions

  • Supports components running on-premises and in the cloud

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Integrated with business transactions

Automatically discovered and maintained business transactions with unique tag-and-follow technology:

  • Integrates end-user, application, database, and supporting infrastructure

  • Dynamically updated as application changes

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Situation-aware data and views

Provides simple-to-use, role-relevant views to cross-app teams to identify and resolve issues. For example:

  • A database admin can access information on how applications are using the database, and details on database and infrastructure (server, storage and network) — parameters that can impact database performance

  • After an application release, DevOps team can quickly identify changes to application and transaction flows and correlate them to performance issues

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Integrated collaboration and automation

One integrated automation and collaboration solution for proactive problem identification and resolution for reduced mean time to resolution):

  • Virtual war room for BizDevOps collaboration

  • Runbook automation for quicker problem resolution

  • Analytics-ready platform providing data that’s easy to collect, correlate, and analyze

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Easy-to-use platform with low overhead

Minutes to configure using Smart Code Instrumentation that adapts to changes in the environment:

  • Fast time-to-value; easy to implement, use, and manage

  • Highly scalable, production-ready platform with under 2% overhead

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Behavioral learning and dynamic baselining

Intelligent anomaly detection across user, application, database, server, and extension metrics with no manual configuration necessary:

  • Automatically calculates dynamic baselines for all metrics that define what is "normal" based on actual usage

  • Smart alerting based on any deviation from the baselines

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AppDynamics replaced 5 tools we once used to try to troubleshoot application problems. Today, everyone goes to AppDynamics to quickly determine the root cause of the issue.

— Jason Briggs, Monitoring Engineering Manager, Paychex

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