UCCE Monitoring

Deliver exceptional call center experiences through flawless performance

Set your call center up to drive optimal business results by integrating full-stack observability into Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE).

Optimize your UCCE omnichannel experience

Call centers are critical to connecting with your customers and your ability to successfully manage and optimize its performance leaves little room for error.  Full-stack observability provides the visibility and insights to help your enterprise deliver  flawless call center experiences — every time.

Gain complete and comprehensive visibility

AppDynamics is the only solution that integrates full-stack observability into UCCE. With it you get a unified landscape view for performance  monitoring across  all dependencies and integrations to quickly pinpoint and address system bottlenecks.

Streamline UCCE error troubleshooting

Quickly diagnose and resolve call center specific issues, like dropped calls and media fetch errors. Additionally, through network performance monitoring, you can ensure remote call center workers are continuously connected.

Observe what matters

Build custom dashboards that provide rich real-time  visibility into metrics that are important to overall UCCE health and business outcomes.

An integrated experience

UCCE versions 12.6 or newer are embedded with AppDynamics technology , making it easier than ever for your enterprise to achieve full-stack observability across the UCCE footprint.

Continuous observability keeps you connected with your customers