Media & Entertainment

Satisfy demanding on-demand customers

In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment, performance is everything. Make users wait, make their game buffer, or delay their transactions, and in less than a heartbeat they’ve jumped to a competitor’s site. Whether your business is news, video, gaming or gambling, it’s all about delivery and responsiveness — and that depends on high-performing applications.

Powerful tools to keep users engaged

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform helps keep your content flowing — and your users satisfied — in three important ways. Monitoring gives you real-time visibility into everything about your applications. Automation simplifies management and proactively optimizes performance. And Application Intelligence gives you the deep insight you need to maximize your application's business value.

Monitor everything

Code-level performance, business transactions, browser, network and server performance — across all geographies and devices — are all visible so you can fully understand the health of your media and entertainment application ecosystem and respond accordingly.

Harness automation to optimize performance

In addition to automatically mapping your entire application topology, the AppDynamics platform can automatically resolve performance issues before you even know they're happening, and make adjustments based on your thresholds.

"The root cause of an issue is rarely obvious... However, with AppDynamics, it literally took us two seconds to focus in on the issue."

Glenn Trattner, Senior Director of IT Operations, Applications Services, DIRECTV

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