Application Performance Management

Ensure application performance and user satisfaction by proactively monitoring applications end-to-end.
Application Performance Management

Take action with our Application Performance Management (APM) software. Use new insights to improve end-user experience and align app performance metrics with your business objectives. 

Application Performance Management Modules

Java Application Performance Monitoring


.NET Application Performance Monitoring


PHP Application Performance Monitoring


Node.js Application Performance Monitoring


C++ Application Performance Monitoring


Python Application Performance Monitoring


Apache Web Server

Apache Web Server

APM Extensions


Gain visibility of distributed applications with auto-discovered end-to-end Business Transactions

  • Automatically discover application topology and interdependencies, and trace key business transactions based on production application behavior

  • Visualize and prioritize the end to end business transactions performance and not just the health of the application and infrastructure nodes

Application Performance Management
Performance Management

Dynamically baseline performance to alert and address emerging issues in context of Business Transactions

  • Know your performance in the context of auto-generated dynamic baselines

  • Integrated with incidents and alerting systems ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira

Quickly isolate and resolve production application performance issues at code-level depth with minimal overhead

  • Leverage Smart Code Instrumentation to enable in-depth monitoring of production apps without making configuration changes

  • Monitor every transaction but intelligently capture details of only the anomalous transactions, making the platform scale to meet the demands of large enterprises

APM Management
Performance Management

Enhance Dev & Ops collaboration with role-based views and Virtual War Room

  • Leverage the DevOps Virtual War Room capability to enable everyone to collaborate and troubleshoot while sharing the same performance data

  • Avoid tedious manual steps with Runbook Automation by automatically capturing snapshots and resolving performance issues as they are developing

Enhanced visibility with broad coverage of languages and technologies

  • Covers all popular programming languages and frameworks including Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python and C/C++

  • Covers most complex enterprise platforms and solutions such as JMS, queuing technologies, TIBCO, WebMethods, etc.

  • Leverage platform extensibility for wider application monitoring coverage -130+ supported extensions

Application Performance Management
APM Management

Maximize the visibility and control of cloud application with deep support for key IaaS/PaaS platforms

  • Complete visibility into applications deployed in cloud and on-premises and monitor the business transactions across the distributed applications

  • Quick time to value by monitoring applications developed and deployed in key IaaS/PaaS platforms, including, Amazon Web Services, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Redhat OpenShift  

Application Performance Management

End-to-end transaction tracing
Complete application mapping, transaction profiling, deep diagnostics, real-time analytics, and advanced alerting.
Code level visibility
Get code level insights on distributed applications across servers, databases, caches, queues, and third-party services. Understand the interaction between mobile apps and the server-side.
Dynamic baselining and alerting
Automatically determine normal performance. Flexible alerting integrates with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira. Track and manage both application and infrastructure events.
Troubleshooting and control
Identify and fix code bottlenecks, memory leaks, slow database queries, infrastructure blockages, and zero in on third-party web services.
Purchase as many application performance monitoring agents as your highly distributed environment requires.
Data retention
Comprehensive insights on your application's performance. Enable analysis of release comparisons, capacity trending, or seasonal variations.

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— Nitin Thakur, Technical Operations Manager, CISCO Systems

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