Kubernetes® Monitoring

Handle rapid innovation with ease

Cisco Cloud Observability provides end-to-end, unified container monitoring into Kubernetes deployments and every microservice you rely on for endless scalability.

Run a healthy system at massive scale

Grow your operations and Kubernetes containerization under one umbrella. Cisco Cloud Observability allows you to zoom in or out on system-level insights in your entire microservices architecture or individual microservice, app or cluster performance.

Full-stack Kubernetes observability

See up and down your Kubernetes stack — from Namespaces, Pods, microservices and supporting infrastructure to help address the unknown unknowns. Visualize your Kubernetes availability, performance and dependencies and correlate with the supporting cloud infrastructure health.

AI-assisted alerting and RCA

Avoid false alarms by setting baselines to match historical performance and reduce noise often caused by siloed Kubernetes monitoring tools. Silence alert storms caused by cascading microservices failures, quickly triage issues and reduce MTTR by identifying the root causes.

Seamless, out-of-the-box observability support

Cisco Cloud Observability makes it easy to collect the data that matters with agentless AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor ingestion, simple Operator Helm deployment, TLS management and agentless OpenTelemetry™ instrumented microservices ingestion.

Focus on priorities

Explore collected telemetry up and down the stack and correlate how infrastructure health impacts your Kubernetes environment and application microservices.

Kubernetes® and OpenTelemetry™ are trademarks of The Linux Foundation®.

AppDynamics puts your technologists at the center of business success

"We can see everything inside both our dynamic container infrastructure and the microservices running inside the containers. AppDynamics gives us unprecedented insight. "

Philippe Dono
Head of the Core Platform and Performance Team, Privalia

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