AppDynamics Cloud introduces business transaction insights

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AWS Monitoring

Chart a course for success with AWS

Gain visibility and business insights needed to deliver high-performing user experiences across AWS-powered application environments.

Justify your investment in AWS migration

AppDynamics gives you powerful metrics on your end-user experiences that enable you to compare application performance before and after migration to quickly prove the success of your digital transformation journey.

Migrate with confidence

Unlike outdated configuration management databases (CMDB) tools, AppDynamics automatically discovers resources, baselines application performance and helps visualize the interactions of every component through real time data for clearer decision-making.

Deliver performance in hybrid environments

AppDynamics delivers consistent end-to-end monitoring, regardless of application environment — traditional, hybrid or cloud native. That means you’ll maintain the same depth and visibility regardless of the architecture. Optimize the total cost of ownership by leveraging existing personnel, processes and training on the AppDynamics platform for AWS or hybrid deployments.

Expand cloud native visibility across AWS deployments

AppDynamics Cloud automatically ingests AWS CloudWatch™ data and correlates it with full-stack cloud service metrics and business insights. Gain a consolidated understanding of performance across your AWS-powered services, key relationships and dependencies and business metrics to help you prioritize the most critical services and assets.

Rapidly adopt cloud native architectures

Get unified application monitoring, regardless of the underlying environment on AWS, including Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda. Avoid alert storms caused by cascading failures in microservices and container environments by leveraging AI/ML to automatically perform root cause analysis.

Drive maximum business impact

Correlate application performance with the quality of your customer’s experiences and its impact on business outcomes. Create a common language between business, application and IT teams in order to help everyone drive business success, rather than simply supporting it.

AWS Technologies

AWS Lambda
AWS CloudSearch
AWS DynamoDB

“Customers can benefit from the depth of services and agility of AWS, combined with real time application performance monitoring from AppDynamics to accelerate cloud migrations ”

General Manager
Business Development

AWS Marketplace and Service

Seller Private Offers

✓ Obtain pricing based on unique requirements

✓ Negotiate terms to fit technical and business needs

✓ Transact via AWS Marketplace once terms are agreed

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"We were able to migrate all of our workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) within six months. There’s no way we would have been able to achieve this accelerated journey to the cloud without the performance visibility provided by AppDynamics. "

Ron Teeter
Chief Architect, Jobvite

Understanding the value of monitoring and managing SAP

Learn why comprehensive SAP observability is now essential — and how AppDynamics Performance Monitoring for SAP can help.

Dig deeper into AWS migration and monitoring

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