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Microservices Monitoring

Avoid macro disruption with microscopic precision

Build, monitor and scale your containerized microservices architecture with efficiency by focusing on what’s most impacting your business results.

Real-time visibility into your dynamic microservices

AppDynamics baselines and measures business transaction health across relevant microservices and containers (e.g. AWS, Docker, Kubernetes) for greater operational and organizational efficiency.


Isolate microservice-related issues impacting the business

Track specific microservice performance indicators without affecting the entire distributed business transaction that uses it.

Leverage Cognition Engine to drill down and isolate the root cause of any microservice performance issues across any platform.

Provide rapid outlier detection with heat maps

Correlate container versus host metrics across a time series to spot patterns in performance, and identify and correct key outliers that could be impacting your business.

With cloud monitoring across hybrid and cloud native environments, understand and monitor your evolving microservices and container architectures like never before, and view the direct impact to your business.

See how your microservices perform across any network

Monitor the availability and basic performance metrics for external HTTP-based microservices.

With AppDynamics + ThousandEyes network monitoring, see beyond what you own, and track your applications as far away as the third-party ISP or SaaS platforms you work with.

Develop speed and scale using Docker and Kubernetes

Take a deep-dive into microservices metrics on Docker and Kubernetes for immediate insights into your container orchestration.

View and connect performance between containers on the underlying host for fast, agile deployment in context of what your business needs.

Agents of Transformation 2021: The rise of full-stack observability

Learn how technologists can manage soaring IT complexity by connecting full-stack observability with business context.

We support an ecosystem of best-in-class technologies

"We can see everything inside both our dynamic container infrastructure and the microservices running inside the containers. AppDynamics gives us unprecedented insight. "

Philippe Donon
Head of Core Platform and Performance Team, Privalia

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Observe the engines that run your business with microservices monitoring

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