Pivotal Cloud Foundry Monitoring

Full-stack monitoring for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Enable your DevOps teams with seamless and instant application and business performance monitoring of apps deployed in Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) so that any emerging issue is detected before it becomes a business problem, and so every code release drives business outcomes.

Monitor PCF platform and every application

  • Monitor every user interaction across all touchpoints including IoT devices, every line of code, every path traversed in the PCF stack, every database query, and the health of each component to ensure optimized application performance and flawless user experiences

  • Significantly improve operator efficiency by providing a common view of applications, platform, and infrastructure performance to your DevOps teams

  • Get immediate, correlated, and contextual alerts to quickly resolve performance issues. Eliminate finger pointing between Dev, IT Ops, and support teams

Manage performance via a fully automated and seamless experience

  • Automatically discover resources, baseline application performance, and visualize the interactions of every component through flow maps built with real-time data

  • Instantly start monitoring applications and Pivotal Cloud Foundry performance, without impacting development sprints or activity

  • Use Java, .NET, Node.js, and PHP buildpacks out-of-the-box. Leverage AppDynamics Service Broker and bind it to your applications via Apps Manager or the command line

  • Use Loggregator and Nozzles for streaming application logs and performance monitoring

Deploy at scale

  • Confidently deploy traditional applications or scalable cloud-native microservices on PCF using an industry-leading, enterprise-grade performance monitoring solution
  • Get consistent monitoring experiences for traditional applications and microservices

  • Avoid creating silos across application architectures and deployment choices

  • Avoid alert storms caused by cascading failures in microservices and container environments by leveraging automated root cause analysis

Drive business value

  • Ensure that every Pivotal Cloud Foundry-deployed app and every code release drives business value by correlating application performance with business outcomes in real time

  • Get immediate alerts on business performance in addition to application or PCF performance. End-to-end and contextual visibility minimizes noise and helps manage anomalies across the entire enterprise

  • Accelerate digital transformation initiatives by creating a common language between business and IT to help teams drive business success, rather than just support it

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